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Gallica is Elect of the Divine Present, a signatory of the Pact of Necessary Venture, and Anodyne of all Divinity. She is the Chief Emissary of Stel Nideo and a Verse (missionary) in the Holy Church of Received Asterism. She was elected just before the Farmer's rebellion.

History and Involvement[edit | edit source]

Road to PARTIZAN and PARTIZAN[edit | edit source]

Gallica has spent the years since the Farmer's rebellion in 1418 PM living, in effect, as a double agent. Her role, as a Verse of Received Asterism and a Nidean Emissary, is to ensure unity among the Stels and repair the harm done to Stel Nideo’s reputation by the Farmer. Simultaneously, however, she has sown discord against the Princepts, signed the Pact of Necessary Venture, aided in the creation of the Pact’s shadow fleets, and made herself a great deal of profit in the process. Thanks of Present’s unique abilities, she is the most traveled mortal being in the Divine Principality.[1]

Road to PALISADE and PALISADE[edit | edit source]

Gallica and Present attempt, though ultimately fail, to recruit Véronique and Fealty when they defect from the Curtain.[2] Gallica also escorts Kalvin Brnine to a fateful meeting with Dahlia when Brnine is a prisoner aboard a Pact ship.[3]


This section contains spoilers for PALISADE 54: A Palette of Colors Pt. 9.
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When Coriolis Sunset and Elle Evensong decide to leave the Twilight Mirage during the PALISADE finale, Gallica is forced, by a contract she at some point signed with Arbitrage, to transport them out of the Mirage on Present. She engages in malicious compliance during this transport, attempting to harm them while fulfilling the letter of her contract with Arbitrage, but she is ultimately shot and killed by Coriolis.[4]

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PARTIZAN[edit | edit source]

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