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You did a great job. You just — you did everything you could with what they gave you. I just wish they would’ve given you more.

Lunar Leson was a former flower cargo guard, and later solider, who becomes the Elect of Courage.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

As an Elect her hair was cut short and she wore a gold, helmet-like mask with a red lens band over the eyes, like the character Cyclops from the X-Men. Before becoming an Elect her hair was long.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Lunar Leson was described as no-nonsense and middle of the road.[2] She respected her original mech, the Rose-of-Sharon, but didn't feel especially attached to it, if she was given a new one would have been disappointed but that is it. She didn't have strong feelings about the war because it did not much of a personal impact on her.[2] Even after she became an Elect, she showed concern for her former comrades, telling Smack Talk to leave the battle.[1]

History and Involvement[edit | edit source]

She worked at HIGHbiscus as a cargo guard before the war, her job mostly entailed scaring off low level pirates with her presence. After entering the war for the Orion Combine and being around other soldiers she didn't think of herself as having special talents, which she felt bad about, but considered herself loyal and committed to do the hard labour needed.[2] After her squad gets beat after a mistake with reading a radar she tries to develop workflow and skill for understanding what the state of a battle is, as she attempts gets frustrated from constantly thinking about her failure in combat and fails the task she gave herself and grows more disillusioned with the war as a result.[3]

Lunar went missing between the events of Dusk to Midnight and the Beam Saber arc. She later reappeared as the Elect of the Divine Courage, allied with the Divine Principality.[4]

Rose-of-Sharon[edit | edit source]

The Rose-of-Sharon was a fairly small, pink and burgundy,[5] humanoid mech supplied by HIGHbiscus. It had gigantic, spherical, pink shoulder joints that looks as if it could be held up by them,[6] its shoulder orbs enabled faster speed of movement in the arms. Its cockpit was also spherical, providing a greater field of view from inside.[7] It held a assault rifle in it's hands.[6]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

She loves her comrades and has a high opinion of them all.[2]

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