Winter in Hieron

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Winter in Hieron is the third season of Friends at the Table. It is a "post-fantasy, post-post apocalyptic" game of Dungeon World.

The season continues the stories of the adventurers of Seasons of Hieron, as the continent reels from the sudden onset of winter, the increasingly militant expansionism of Ordenna, and the spread of undeath following the destruction of Nacre.      

Games[edit | edit source]

Much like season one, Winter in Hieron is mostly played in Dungeon World, with special exceptions. In the holiday special, which uses a framing story told by Red Jack to return to Marielda with a different set of characters, the friends play Follow by Ben Robbins. A second special, beginning at episode 11, combines Dungeon World with Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective as the players, much like in the season one holiday special, are called upon to solve a murder.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Forest Party[edit | edit source]

Mountain Party[edit | edit source]

Holiday Special[edit | edit source]

Rosemerrow Deputies[edit | edit source]

  • Ali Acampora (Hella Varal)
  • Art Martinez-Tebbel (Hadrian)
  • Andrew Lee Swan (Throndir)
  • Janine Hawkins (Adaire)
  • Jack de Quidt (Lem King)
  • Keith Carberry (Fero Feritas)
  • Sylvia Bullet (Ephrim)

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