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Orbital is a game of "precarious spaces amid interstellar war" by Jack Harrison (Mousehole Press). It was played over the course of several live sessions during the Road to PALISADE.

Imagine an all-consuming interstellar war, spread across a vast galaxy and involving trillions of willing and conscripted participants. Then imagine a lone space station, floating in the cosmos, that is somehow set apart from this conflict.


They might not get along — they might not even like each other. But they are united by their belief that the station is a cherished place that must be protected. The question is: when the pressure is rising, can they put their differences & personal motivations aside for the good of the community?

– itch.io page

Orbital's mechanics and focus on marginalized community come from the No Dice, No Masters/Belonging Outside Belonging system of Avery Alder's Dream Askew.

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