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Exanceaster March (also spelled Exenchester) is a Columnar magnate, the head of the Frontier Syndicate, and the founder of the March Anecdatist Foundation. He formerly chaired the Zenith Fund.

Visually described as "what if a Motorola Razr was a Columnar" with a "carbon fiber vibe".[1]

History and Involvement[edit | edit source]

His family has a long history as part of the Columnar Tabulary, predating its assimilation as a Stel, and they lay claim to the creation of the Assimilative Perspective system.[2]

He was originally a Pact member but lost interest in its aims to reform the Divine Principality[2] and was brought over to the Bilateral Intercession by Catrina Solstice.[3]

It was Exanceaster March who, once the Authority identified the six members of the Cause, dubbed them Hexagon.[4]


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Using the power of the Fundament nodes, Exanceaster has developed a means of siphoning pieces of Motion out of the Kalmeria in the air. The Baseline cities built after the initial Baseline city (i.e., Baseline-A, Baseline-B, etc.) were built around factories meant to facilitate this project. His ultimate goal is to resurrect Motion and force her to serve the Frontier Syndicate. He has not thought through the potential consequences of this process's byproducts—i.e., raw Perennial Wave and pieces of the True Divine.[5]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Exanceaster is the Old English name for the city in Devon now known as Exeter.

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