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The Road to PALISADE is an anthology series of games telling the story of various political developments and events taking place over the five years between the end of PARTIZAN and the beginning of PALISADE.

Road to PALISADE games were first played as Live at the Table oneshots between February and December 2022. They were released to the main feed between August 2022 and January 2023. Most of the games featured in the Road to PALISADE were themed around the cast's responses to a prompt from a 2020 Crunchyroll interview that asked each of them to propose an idea for a PARTIZAN spin-off.[1]

Content Warnings[edit | edit source]

The Road to Palisade is a show about war, politics, religion, revolutionary violence, and the many consequences thereof. Content warnings are always listed at the top of episode descriptions where appropriate, and are included in episode pages on this wiki.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Road to PALISADE has two plot summaries available:

Episodes[edit | edit source]

The introductions to the Road to PALISADE are clips from the in-universe podcast Perfect Imperfect hosted by Layer Luxurious. The dossiers for the season are provided by Arbitrage.

HOUNDs[edit | edit source]

HOUNDs is a story about the Elect Véronique and the Divine Fealty on the run from forces of the Curtain after they betray Stel Nideo to hide the secret to entering the Twilight Mirage. It is played in HOUNDs over the course of two episodes.

Stealing the Throne[edit | edit source]

Stealing the Throne tells the story of a team of Millennium Break operatives who steal the Divine Discernment. It is played in Stealing the Throne over the course of a single episode.

Last Shooting[edit | edit source]

Last Shooting depicts a novel by Alise Breka that was declared "defamatory" and banned by both the Pact and the Curtain. Based on Sylvi's answer from the Crunchyroll interview, it tells the story of rival pilots, one Apostolosian and the other Nidean, and their encounters as the first Principality forces reach Palisade. It is played in Last Shooting over the course of a single episode.

Wagon Wheel[edit | edit source]

Wagon Wheel is a three-part game depicting Millennium Break's initial outreach on Palisade as a group of agents explore the planet and make contact with local resistance groups. It is played in Wagon Wheel over the course of three episodes, and is based on Art's idea for "a Lambic House adventure story [about] going out and getting fancy beer ingredients from weird places."[1]

LANCER[edit | edit source]

Lancer is a story about a group of Hypha on the planet of Saboria rediscovering their heritage and fighting to escape Pact forces. It is played in LANCER over the course of three episodes and is based on Jack's proposal of "a story about a squad of Hyphan commandos who have been besieged in a square mile of forest."[1]

Orbital[edit | edit source]

Orbital is set on the Brink, a space station at the edge of the Twilight Mirage, and it tells the story of how the people of the Mirage became involved in the war on Palisade. It is played in Orbital over the course of five episodes. This game was played to fulfill the "Return to the Brink" incentive from the July 2022 NNAF fundraiser.

Serious Reading[edit | edit source]

Serious Reading depicts the final episode of the in-universe podcast CENTRE/line, featuring members of several Stels discussing their absolutely rancid political takes. It is played in a hack of the solo game Serious Reading over the course of a single episode. It was inspired by Keith's interview response, in which he proposed "the concurrent Pod Save America podcast of, like, what a bunch of power serving dudes think about politics on Partizan set during the events of the show."[1]

My Way[edit | edit source]

My Way is an account of the professional mechanized wrestling career of Dogmatic "Dog" Mettle. It is told through the framing device of the in-universe podcast Steam and Smolder. It is played using the game My Way, which the Friends hacked for multiple players, to fulfill Dre's idea of "a sports anime about another pilot who entered the Mech Sumo contest at the Kingdom game."[1]

Upstairs & Downstairs[edit | edit source]

Upstairs & Downstairs tells a story about the family members and servants of a Kesh household that is trying to host a dinner and sway Exanceaster March to the side of the Bilateral Intercession. It is played in Upstairs & Downstairs over the course of two episodes, and was based on Janine's answer from the Crunchyroll interview, where she proposed "a story about Kesh housekeepers in the vein of Kaoru Mori's Emma: A Victorian Romance."[1]

City Planning Department[edit | edit source]

City Planning Department is about the disputes of the city council for the Crown of Glass, the remains of the Reflecting Pool after it crashed on Palisade. It is played in City Planning Department in a single episode, and was based on Ali's idea of "a slice of life story of Apparatus Aperitif, the night mayor, learning the ropes of the job."[1]

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