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This page is about the season. For the location, see Marielda (city).

Marielda is an interlude season of Friends at the Table set in pre-Erasure Hieron in the city of Marielda. It was released after COUNTER/Weight concluded and before the show returned to the characters and setting of season one with Winter in Hieron.

It centers around the Six, a group of five "daring scoundrels" who steal and sell knowledge as cataclysm encroaches on the city.

Framing[edit | edit source]

Marielda's episode descriptions are excerpts from Uklan Tel's book The Illustrated Concordance of Marielda. The opening narration for each episode is spoken by Samol.


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Late in season three, the Forest Party (Hella, Hadrian, Throndir, Kodiak and Adaire) arrive at the Mansion, where they meet Samol, who begins to tell them the story presented in Marielda. Around the time during their stay with Samol when he had finished telling them the events of the Quiet Year but not those involving the Six, a pattern magic ritual conducted by Uklan Tel in the New Archives transported Lem to the Mansion, sending Throndir and Kodiak back to the New Archives in his place. Thereafter, Lem hears the story of the deeds of the Six from Samol with the remaining party members over the course of their time at the Mansion, while Throndir, along with Ephrim and Fero, learns of the events of Marielda from Uklan Tel in the New Archives.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

List of Marielda episodes

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The Quiet Year[edit | edit source]

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Games[edit | edit source]

The first and second episodes of Marielda focus on worldbuilding using the game The Quiet Year. The following twelve episodes are a game of Blades in the Dark.

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