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August Righteousness is the chief chef of Joyous Guard and the leader of both the Delegate resistance movement Reunion and the Cause faction Jade Kill. As a Delegate, he is a 'shard' or 'aspect' of the Divine Righteousness.

Personality[edit | edit source]

I think you mistake me, sister. I am not Conciliatory Righteousness.

Like Righteousness as it appeared in COUNTER/Weight, August is strong-willed and committed to pursuing justice.[1] In Questlandia, their role is Rebel/Leader/Cook, their drive is Change and Progress, their personality is Ambitious and Cynical, and their weakness is Menace.[2]

Goal (Questlandia)[edit | edit source]

History and Involvement[edit | edit source]

In "Wagon Wheel Pt. 3", August speaks to Wine, who is very admiring, and reminds them that Millennium Break undoubtedly has many line cooks and other exploited people like him in its ranks. Despite their misstep, he is perfectly willing to work with Millennium Break for their mutual ends.

The arrival of the Duke upset some of Reunion's plans due to the increased oversight it caused. However, with the help of the BigStar★ crew, August is able to poison the Duke, making him ill enough to allow the Delegates to take control of Joyous Guard anyway and maintain this control by the start of the next season.[1]

In PALISADE, August appears as the leader of Jade Kill, which is primarily comprised of Reunion's resistance fighters. He votes against the idea of keeping the Blue Channel's crew in the dark about the true purpose of Operation Midnight Lapidary,[3] and is named in Stargrave Elcessor's ultimatum.[4]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Kalar Anakalar[edit | edit source]

Kalar is a member of Jade Kill under August's command, and August knows his kids' birthdays.[2]

Questlandia[edit | edit source]

  • Levitation: A skilled soldier with a bridge to the Mirage, but he's late to a long war and I'm not easily impressed. [Exhausted][2]
  • The Witch in Glass: A violent, unpredictable dog. So it's paying off tonight, but what about tomorrow morning?[2]

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