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Because Courage has arrived. And now everyone here is in a risky position.

Courage is a Divine of the Divine Principality.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Courage resembles red cloths or flags in constant motion, knotting, unfolding into shields, or forming piercing weapons.[1]

History and Involvement[edit | edit source]

Courage is an older Divine Principality Divine, having been involved in the Divine Clash. Courage fights against the Orion Combine and Divine Collaborate, destroying the Divine Courageous in the process. [2] When the Orion Combine brings soldiers down to Grona, Courage fights them and reveals their new Elect; Lunar Leson, former squad mate of the Orion soldiers. Courage and Lesson are defeated when Orion activates the EDICT System, demonstrating for the first time that they have the ability to control Divines. [3]

In the time of PARTIZAN Courage is mentioned to have been ruined and betrayed by its former Elect, Mourningbride.[4]


This section contains spoilers for PARTIZAN 25: Millennium Break: Courage in the Shadow of Opportunity.
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It is revealed that Mourningbride is still the active Elect of Courage, and that her 'betrayal' of Courage was an elaborate ruse to allow her entry into the Sable Court where she could still act as an agent of the Divine Principality. Once aboard Fort Icebreaker at the inception of Millennium Break, Courage is smuggled aboard. Once she has the opportunity Mourningbride uses Courage in an attempt to assassinate Gur Sevraq. The two are defeated by Millennium Break and ransomed back to Stel Nideo.


This section contains spoilers for PARTIZAN 38: The Red Light.
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Courage appears again under the control of the Curtain of Divinity, now combined with the Divine Order to make Law. Law devastates the town of Oxbridge bringing "a halt to the violence", and destroying much of their infrastructure.

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