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The Equiaxed are a culture of cyborgs from Columnar who blend biological additions to their bodies, such as plant material or flesh.

Culture[edit | edit source]

The Equiaxed are a group of synthetic cyborgs that integrate elements of organic matter into their bodies. They primarily reside in certain Equiaxed regions of Coloumnar space, though there are groups of Equiaxed in other areas such as on Partizan.

Notably not all synthetics integrating organic parts are Equiaxed, as they are a specific cultural group. Some synthetics do integrate organic components for other reasons, such as Callister Drive Callister, and they are not considered to be Equiaxed.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The Equiaxed were an autonomous region inside of the Columnar Tablulary. After the Columnar were courted by the Divine Principality the Equiaxed lost much of their autonomy, being folded into the rest of Stel Coloumnar. The Principality was interested in the Equiaxed, and Titus Waning of Stel Orion taking to studying the Equiaxed. They have been historically marginalized, oppressed, and even experimented on within Colounmar where there are those who "would force them out of their bodies if they could, and into bodies they don’t want to be in." [2]

On Partizan the Equiaxed have formed a commune underneath Vigil City,[3] and are a trading partner of the Sable Court[4].


This section contains spoilers for PARTIZAN 26: Millennium Break: Breaking Vigil.
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The Commune comes under attack by many on Partizan when a digital plague begins to effect crops, with many pointing to the Equiaxed as the link that allowed the virus to jump from being digital or organic. While they are initially able to keep away the divine Asepsis using a preserved EDICT System, once they are without it Millennium Break is able to step in to protect the commune.

Known Equiaxed Characters[edit | edit source]

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