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This page is about the season. For the location, see Bluff City (city).

Bluff City is a Patreon-exclusive episodic series focusing on the titular city, which lies along the east coast of the USA. The location of Bluff City is loosely-based on the real-life Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Welcome to Bluff City: Flickering neon reflecting off the waves, slot machine ring, boardwalk hustle, booming laughs from the corner spot.

Bluff City: Home of the lucky and their poor families too. A revving engine, the sounding of a harbour bell, a familiar wind, a gunshot round the way, the din of the casino floor, a bad plan misheard, America's favourite fling.

Bluff City: the light of a cigarette, the shape of a body or two, the red and blues of a patrol car and money man, money. They say there's a thousand highways you can take to reach this town, but there ain't no train to Bluff City.

One of them towns where there's a tale behind every hand of cards, a lie for every truth, a side gig for every payday.

– Opening narration of Bluff City Episode 1

In 2020, season one of Bluff City was released for free as a way to help ease the stress felt by many during the COVID-19 pandemic; it can be found at From 19 March 2023 to 30 July of the same year, season one was rebroadcast live on Twitch on Sunday afternoons and afterwards uploaded to YouTube. This was followed by rebroadcasts of the Live at the Table games set in the Bluff City continuity. This decision was made to give people a more convenient way to access the episodes.

The second season of Bluff City remains exclusive to patrons.

Season One[edit | edit source]

Season One of Bluff City ran from 27 July 2017 to 11 March 2019.

Arcs of Season One[edit | edit source]

TitleGame Played
"A Bowling Alley, A Boxer, and A Bird"Fiasco
"The Cost of Greed"InSpectres
"There Is No Greater Love"Noirlandia
"The Eighty Six"Action Movie World
"The Grapplers Down at Promenade Arena"World Wide Wrestling RPG
"When Justice Is Done"Masks
"Messy Business"Lacuna

Post Mortem[edit | edit source]

The Season One post-mortem aired as a livestream.

Season Two[edit | edit source]

Season Two of Bluff City ran from 29 October 2019 to 01 August 2023.

Arcs of Season Two[edit | edit source]

TitleGame Played
"Hard Luck"Fiasco
"The Moving Pictures"Catch the Devil
"Extracurricular: Out of Time"Capers
"To Be Young Near the Shore"Tales from the Loop
"America's Playground"Mall Kids
"Engines on the Track"Gravity RIP
"Give Way to Open Sky"Dream Askew

Live at the Table[edit | edit source]

While not technically a part of the main Bluff City seasons, there are several Live at the Table games that are played within the Bluff City setting. As these games are played live, they do not have any additional music or prerecorded introductions.

Live at the Table Arcs[edit | edit source]

TitleGame Played
"Aliens in the Outfield"Primetime Adventures
"Dream Askew"Dream Askew
"Bluff City Zoo Fiasco"Fiasco
"Honey Heist"Honey Heist
"Anomaly Pt. 1, 2"Anomaly
"Bluff City Zoo TWO!"Fiasco