Kalmeria Particle

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The Kalmeria Particle is a type of nanomachine that proliferated through the galaxy following "Operation Shackled Sun" (Act 1, 2 & 3). It allows the development of highly advanced technology, similar to what was possible before the Perennial Wave.

It was created when Kal'mera Broun released the Divine Asepsis against Motion, who was filled with the power of Autonomy Itself. Kalmeria bonded with the Perennial Wave, which facilitated its proliferation throughout the galaxy.[1] Broun changed their name to Brnine largely to avoid being identified as the person who created Kalmeria.[1]


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Exanceaster March and the Frontier Syndicate have figured out a way to harness Kalmeria and separate the Motion particles from the Perennial Wave and remnants of Autonomy Itself.[2] They have begun building power stations in Baseline cities to siphon Motion from the air with the aim of ultimately reviving and enslaving her.[3]

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