Cerise Sky

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Cerise Sky is a Low Consul of the Center (a low-tier magistrate) and pilot of the Perennial Hallow “Aster.” She has the playbook the Arcanist. She is essentially a space paladin blessed by the Divine Perennial. Cerise is a trained scholar and magician, who can reference her knowledge and also deploy her arcane powers through spells and rituals--including one that lets her create illusions. The Aster, her mech, is super flexible in terms of its abilities, very well rounded, but also can punch above its weight because of its special rifle that lets it hurt higher tier enemies.

Cerise wears a naval-type uniform made up of a nice jacket with buttons and a matching skirt. Contrasting with her neat clothing is her messy hair and oversized glasses. She wears medals based on honors she has achieved.