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Palisade is a deceased planet on the outskirts of the Twilight Mirage, bordering space controlled by Stel Nideo. It has been used as a staging ground for many groups trying to gain entry into the Twilight Mirage, including the Rapid Evening, the New Earth Hegemony, Advent, and most recently the Pact of Necessary Venture and The Curtain.

The planet is divided along its equator by the Diadem, a vast failed megacity from thousands of years ago. It has two moons: Travertine and Chimera's Lantern. Outside its atmosphere, it appears to be purple (or sometimes green, orange, or blue), which is not the case when on-planet.

History[edit | edit source]


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Palisade was once a living planet, the Divine Palisade who left the Divine Fleet along with the Divines who have since become the Five Afflictions. Partial Palisade is a reanimated partial copy of the Divine Palisade.


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A cataclysmic surge in the Perennial Wave following the death of one of Perennial's chosen triggers a Mirage bomb. The result is that the entire Palisade system becomes part of the Twilight Mirage, and Palisade becomes the Quire system's ninth planet.[1]

Regions[edit | edit source]

The Caldera Stretch[edit | edit source]

The Caldera Stretch is a massive desert region in Palisade's far north, effectively the planet's northern pole. This region is the caldera of a collapsed, dormant supervolcano that reaches far underground. It has long been a strategically important location for the Fabreal Duchy, though they keep their activities in the Caldera Stretch secret.[2]

Bontive Valley[edit | edit source]

The Bontive Valley is a foggy river valley surrounded by high cliffs. The people of the Bontive Valley were once a part of the Divine Free States, but chose to stay on Palisade as the Free States became the Divine Principality. They are isolated from much of the rest of the planet, and have been watched over by Bounty.

When the Curtain arrived on Palisade the Bontive Valley was pillaged for supplies, leaving Curtain agents to keep an eye on the settlements afterwards. Settlements include Carhaix and Eversin.

Shale Belt[edit | edit source]

The Shale Belt is a high elevation plateau-ed scrubland. Most of the people of the Shale Belt are Concretists who have worked a special concrete into their structures, sidewalks, and bodies. They are a largely secular society. Settlements include Braunton, Creston and Vicksboro.

Eastern Province[edit | edit source]

A vast as-yet-unnamed area in the east of Palisade, currently controlled by Nideo and inundated with the Divine Resonance. Contains a huge gate named Aram's Gate. The city of Cadent's Reach is located at the farthest eastern point, while City City is toward the center of the planet.

Greenfield[edit | edit source]

Greenfield is a central area of Palisade, home to the Twill until recently. As its name would imply, it is green, and a field. The Frontier Syndicate has occupied the area. Settlements include Baseline, the Lone Marble HQ, and Viager.

New Oath[edit | edit source]

New Oath is an island settlement to the east of Greenfield. It is located on the northernmost of three small islands, all of which are under the control of Rose River. The western island is full of dense, misty woodlands, creating a wilderness that acts as a barrier between New Oath and the Frontier Syndicate-controlled Greenfield.

Fabreal Duchy[edit | edit source]

The Fabreal Duchy is a large civilization on Palisade and the home of a class of glass noble slavers; Stel Kesh is currently ruling 'alongside' it. The glass nobles are descended from the people of the Crown of Glass. The Fabreal Duchy covers a large area on Palisade, which is not completely contiguous. Cities include Carleon-Upon-Wisk, Carmathen, and Joyous Guard. The Paint Shop, at the top of Steeple Catterick, is also in this area.

Brecheliant Forest[edit | edit source]

Brecheliant Forest is a large forested and swampy area toward the south of the planet. It is partially controlled by Kesh and the Fabreal Duchy (especially Tintagel, which is the home of the Stargrave) but also overlaps with the area of control of the Crown of Glass.

Other locations[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Basketball is the most popular sport on Palisade.[3]

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