Teasel Mode

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Teasel Mode is a Hyphan/Ashen. She is the pilot of the mech the Day’s Eye. Her playbook is the Witch.

While her mech is driven by Divine power, it is neither Hallow nor Hollow. Teasel seizes the power that fuels her mech through her pact with Perennial. She leans on the Divine when in trouble and gets special boons and magical skills from Perennial. The Day’s Eye wields a very powerful and cool rifle.

Teasel wears a dark grey, very simple dress with sheer blue stockings and triangular black and white chevron adornments on her toes. She wears a long golden necklace that goes up to under her jaw. Her antlers are akin to small nubs to which she has attached etched glass horns/antlers that glow with colored lights (sort of like gift shop plaques).