The Road to PARTIZAN 01: Dialect Pt. 1

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Road to PARTIZAN, an interlude connecting Twilight Mirage to PARTIZAN, our next full season (where we’ll be playing Beam Saber by Austin Ramsay) which will begin later this year! On that note, please know that though there is one spoiler for the way a couple of Twilight Mirage factions end up, there are no spoilers about major Twilight Mirage characters or their arcs anywhere throughout these episodes.

The Road to Season 6 started with a desire to try out new game systems before we committed to one for a full season, but after thinking about it for a bit, we realized that we could use a bunch of games to explore the history of the massive, fracturing empire that will be at the center of PARTIZAN.

And to do that right, we needed to make sure to start outside of that empire. To that end, we kicked things off with Dialect: A Game About Language and How It Dies by Kathryn Hymes and Hakan Seyalioglu. In this episode, we develop a new culture of nomadic space deer, and watch as they encounter an empire which aims to obliterate time and space themselves.

As a quick follow up: This episode (and the rest of the Road to Season 6) all began as episodes in our Live at the Table series, a collection of one shot streams that we do for all $5+ Patrons! That means that you can go watch or listen to every episode of the Road right now if you head to our Patreon! They won’t have the intros (and they’ll all be unedited, with a lot more dead air), but if you’re desperate to know what comes next, you can learn that right now.

If all this world building isn’t your thing, and you’d rather skip these and rejoin us for the character driven drama and action of season six proper, then please know you can toatlly do that too. While these episodes will help fill in some blank spaces, they are not required listening for our next season!

Either way, I hope you enjoy this series of episodes as much as we enjoyed making them. We’ll see you in a couple of months, in the shadow of the giant Girandole, on the holy moon of Partizan...

This week on Friends at the Table: The Road to Season 6: Dialect Pt. 1




On a misted grassland running the length of the continental shelf, seventeen capital ships, 1223 rated vessels, and 340 personal vehicles are prepared for launch. A pilot boards a personal corvette, pausing to look at the sky above her. An aide whispers words of comfort to a pair in grief, then steps away to direct the transfer of remains and grave goods. The ghostlike projection of a heretical oracle flickers, antlers transparent yet reflecting the sun’s light, and fades.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Opening[edit | edit source]

An excerpt from the journal of Cymbidium, Elect of the blessed Divine Past, servant Eternal to Stel Kesh and the Holy Church of Received Asterism, and defender of all Divinity in this, the Perfect Millennium, year 1423.

I am yours, Past, but today I found myself praying to Commitment and Detachment, in hope that they might hone my character before I falter.

I was born of the ash and antler, but just like every human child of the Divine Principality, I spent my youth in the educate. There, I learned that there was a time before the galaxy was marred by conflict. Peace and prosperity for eons. An era of guaranteed events. But I never truly believed.

I studied well. I memorized Nideo’s fifth constellation. I learned to quote the approved histories. And soon, I was offered up by my family, and approved by my house, and nominated by my Stel, and exalted by you, Divine. And now you demand I believe.

I walk your crystalline halls looking for a window out of this place, but all I can find are windows back in time. You give me your perfect record of events. You make me see their accounts, hear their echoes, feel the warm light of easier days. You whisper to me in the Resolute Regent’s words: “Peace was breached by history itself, and so, we must respond by obliterating time.” Even now I wonder if you might be right...

But through these windows I see other truths too, I hear other whispers. And they tell me that the warmth you offer is not yours to give.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Strand blossoms in the sky, signaling a new direction for the Hypha fleet. This event is known as a “brightsky”. Having just come back from guiding the Strand into space, Timea visits Sabil’s office to get her Chorus Bindings checked out. Sabil uses tuning forks to check on Timea’s bonds, resulting in rather beautiful music. While Timea is in awe, this is just another day for Sabil.

Later, Sabil uses her Chorus Bonds to project herself planet-side to speak to Asper as the rest of the fleet is taking off. Asper asks Sabil to speak with an individual who has lost their partner to explain what will happen to that person’s body in order to help them cope with the loss. Sabil seems to agree.

A week later, Timea returns to Sabil’s office still thinking there may be something wrong with her Chorus Bond as the Verb is a bit overwhelming to her. Sabil tells her that there’s no quick fix for Timea’s issues, but she will get better at tuning out the Verb and excess “noise” over time.

The Hypha take off, but at some point during their travels, return to a town on a planet they haven’t traded with in awhile to find a huge stag head mounted on a stick at the town’s gates. The Divine Principality has colonized this planet. Having heard about the abilities of those with the Chorus Bond, they have painted the Hypha as evil, witch types.

Cast[edit | edit source]