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Millennium Break is a revolutionary group founded on Partizan in 1423-1424 PM by dissidents, ideologues, rebels, and mercenaries. Widely viewed as terrorists and pirates. They believe the Perfect Millennium must end.

Manifesto[edit | edit source]

The Manifesto of Millennium Break was devised early in their inception while they were inhabiting Fort Icebreaker on Partizan. It reads as follows:

We will help those displaced by the war.
We will claim supplies only when it adds losses to the ledgers of the unjust.
Free and fair elections will be held every two years.
Burn thrones, build tables.
When we provide for ourselves, we can provide for others.
We will not turn our back on allies in need.
If we must play their game, make sure to bloody their noses.
When we reach the edge, we will Leap.
Look sick as shit.

History[edit | edit source]

Foundation[edit | edit source]

Millennium Break originally operated from a state-of-the-art mobile fortress stolen from Apostolos's defensive line on Partizan. Its original members were a group of factions who all agreed that the Perfect Millennium had to end, but had different ideas about what their future should look like. The group was first led unofficially by Gur Sevraq, Gucci Garantine, and Clementine Kesh. Valence briefly took over leadership, though was quick to abdicate to the council structure advocated by Apparatus Aperitif.

It was during this time that the expansion and proliferation of the Strand Semaphore system by Millennium Break allowed many smaller cells to start up across Partizan. When Millennium Break was able to take Cruciat, the Divine Principality responded by rooting out a number of the smaller cells, resulting in their last strongholds on Partizan being limited to the Lambic House, a trio of cities along the eastern edge of the Prophet's Path, and Cruciat itself.

The Red Light[edit | edit source]

In the wake of a failed mission in Nooncrown, previous internal conflicts caused a factional split between the Party of the Mask (politically-minded and conservative) and the Party of the Wolf (military-minded and radical). Nonetheless, Millennium Break members were forced to unite and ally with the Witch in Glass to evacuate as many people as possible when Law attacked Oxbridge. At the same time, the Curtain (and following them, the Pact) revealed themselves to the public, and propagandizing against Millennium Break intensified.

Operation Shackled Sun[edit | edit source]

Operation Shackled Sun was a defining mission for the evolving role and reputation of Millennium Break. They caught wind of a Pact operation headed by Motion which would cause the destruction of Partizan. Agents of Millennium Break and the Witch in Glass launched off-planet and fought against both Curtain and Pact forces; when Motion became a threat to even her own troops, it was Millennium Break that stayed to finish the fight and protect Partizan.

The aftermath of this event left Millennium Break with a reputation as terrorists, thieves, and revolutionaries by many—the Party of the Mask having totally collapsed. However, they were able to leave the Partizan system behind and spread throughout the Principality (with known bases on Collier and in the Skarnoc Debris Fields). Their access to distributed communication networks would continue to be vital to their outreach efforts.

Palisade[edit | edit source]

Several years after Operation Shackled Sun, the warring forces of the Pact and the Curtain began to set their eyes on Palisade. After an encounter between Gucci and Fealty informed them of its importance, Millennium Break staged a daring heist of the Divine Discernment that gave them the coordinates of the planet as well. Though Millennium Break struggled with how best to aid the people of Palisade without becoming yet another outside group imposing their will on the planet, the Excerpt ⸢Wine⸣ eventually left the planet to ask for direct aid. Millennium Break soon made contact with the civilians and existing local resistance groups on Palisade.

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Factions[edit | edit source]

The following groups are associated with Millennium Break:

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Leaders[edit | edit source]

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Other notable members include:

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