The Road to PARTIZAN 04: Armour Astir Pt. 2

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The crew of the Constellation-class Carrier Hellebore has breached the earliest defences of the station which orbits the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Having dispatched the mercenary Barter and his crew of ConCons, pilots Cerise, Teasel, and Gold repair and rearm. Above them, Captain of the Ivory Prince (and secret leader of the rebel group known as Horizon) Briar Brightline watches over them. But they are not alone. Beyond the next gate, something strange has made the station its roost. And behind them, out in black of space… something new, but all too familiar, approaches.

This week on the Road to Partizan: Armour Astir Pt. 2

////PARTIZAN PALACE DATE ENTRY | 1423 P.M. 03 06 22\\\\

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Opening[edit | edit source]

I was always told, Present, that to be your Elect was to wear many hats.

Your previous chosen had their particular specialities: Loyal Cirsium was unmatched as a general, Sororia’s deep understanding of faith led her not only to your service but to rise as Cycle of the whole Church, and Stramonium… well, some work requires a light touch. But each dabbled in others’ spheres as well.

I have not had that luxury.

Ever since the Farmer’s sin, I have been cleaning up his mess in the name of our church and Stel -- neither of which did anything wrong -- shaking hands and performing marriage rites and delivering tithe to many who are frankly unworthy. I am going out of my skull, Present. And that is, maybe, why I finally understand why you did not interfere all those years ago.

I have heard the story my whole life: A heretical cult, devoted to that most vile being, Perennial, swarming in their countless ships, drawn in like cruel moths by both unfortunate nature and cultivated avarice to the pure light of the galactic centre. And when they arrived, they subverted possibility itself, and cursed the galaxy whole.

And you stood by and watched.

And now I understand why. Because it made our lives more interesting. Our expansion was checked, but only until we grew smart enough to redouble. We had yet to learn your most important lesson: A dull life is much more dangerous than a sharp one.

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