COUNTER/Weight 09: This Month of Ours

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

Throughout the Golden Branch sector, a dozen little pieces begin to move all at once, each one causing two dozen to move, and each of those, four, and suddenly the whole sector is... What will happen to those loyal souls on the abandoned world of Sage? What tricks does the manipulative headmaster of the September Institute have up his sleeves? What do the disenfranchised do when they find themselves in power? And what force sleeps, buried in the ice of Ionias? All of that and more...

This time on the Friends at the Table: COUNTER/Weight Faction Turn: "This Month of Ours"

There's no turning back, you know.

Opening[edit | edit source]

An excerpt from the journal of Addax Dawn, former Candidate of Peace and current agent of the Rapid Evening:

Sometime, deep in the future, after all of this is over, far away from the here and now, whoever's left will look back and write about this month we've had.

They'll tell stories about how thousands gathered in the overgrown statuaries of an abandoned world and waited to be judged by a once-absent god. They'll write about the day a little fleet of mischief and wrath became a state onto itself, unanchored and hungry. They'll sing about the moment that the freelancer became a fisher of planets.

But I wonder if anyone will be left who remembers, or if anyone outside even noticed that day, when halfway across the sector, flakes of snow drifted down into the massive crater bored into the side of the planet Ionias, as something very old and very cruel felt the light of the stars for the first time in ages.

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