Natalya Greaves

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Natalya Greaves was Snowtrak Synergies' beleaguered head of H&R (Humans & Resources) and R&D, introduced in the first faction game.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Natalya wears round glasses and has round eyes. In "A Ship of Seeds" she is wearing a lab coat, because she is a scientist.

Personality[edit | edit source]

History and Involvement[edit | edit source]

Prior to COUNTER/Weight, Natalya was an agent of the Rapid Evening, as well as a gifted engineer. She designed both the Kingdom Come and the Panther. She was part of OriCon's initiative to destroy the Apostolosian superweapon.

Around the beginning of the series, Natalya joined Snowtrak to spy on what they were digging up on Ionias. She witnessed Omen Kane finally unearth it.[1]

During the Chime's visit to the memory farm, Rigour hacked in and experienced the events of Natalya's time on the Seventh Sun ten years ago, playing as her. Due to this, it became aware that she was a member of the Rapid Evening, and in Episode 22 chose to conscript her as its Candidate. Natalya was unaware of this, and attempted to warn her contacts about the ancient Divine; however, it was able to intercept her outgoing messages, redacting them with the word RIGOUR repeated many times over.[2]

Mako Trig found Natalya in Rigour's cockpit during the September Incident, but deemed it too risky to remove or kill her without Rigour making him the next Candidate. After this, she was never seen again.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

During the Kingdom game, Natalya's bonds were "Sokrates trusts you" and "Orth can’t possibly utilize the Kingdom Come to its fullest potential". She also mistrusted Ibex, and considered assassinating him.

During her time at Snowtrak, Natalya absolutely hated her boss, Lena Shoshkova. Maddy Graden was her trusted, hand-picked second in command.

Natalya believed Rigour was a great threat to the galaxy, researching its history in depth, and continued to operate as a Rapid Evening agent; it instituted a split consciousness so that she was unaware of becoming Rigour's Candidate.[2]

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