COUNTER/Weight 07: I Am Not Allowed

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

The Chime's sometimes-employer Orth Godlove has gone missing and the group is on the hunt... but the mysterious Netted Wave is just a few steps behind them. A key witness, who is both familiar and strange, leads them to a brand new line on the Starlight Straights MagLev System. Will they find Orth out in the the desert wastes of Counterweight... or will they run into something else altogether?

This time on COUNTER/Weight: "I Am Not Allowed"

Keep your head down, Orth!

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Chime arrive at Dome 7. The drop-off point for the supplies is a small spaceport, and they talk to the J-m unit working there. Mako hacks them so he can check on the tracking number (and also so that J-m 144 can talk to other robots). J-m 144 reports the package's last known location. They recognize images of Netted Wave members, who they last saw yesterday, and who were also looking for the supplies. Mako unfogs them when he's done.

The Chime heads for Starlight Straight 12-12-20, and Mako is incensed to see that Jorne has stolen his idea for a casino line. The 12-12-20 is shut down, so they fly the Kingdom Come along it instead. After nightfall, they find a crashed maglev train. Mako flies in on his Ring of Saturn. The Kingdom Come is hit by a howitzer sent from a line of approaching vehicles: two trains and some wheeler carts. Cass fires back, destroying multiple wheelers. Aria approaches in the Regent's Brilliance and cuts the front train with her beam saber, spotting a driver and a priest. AuDy makes a train crash. Mako fights with the two remaining wheelers. Titan, one of the wheeler pilots, shoots her bolo gun at the Regent's Brilliance, destroying its armor. Aria strikes back in retaliation, killing her.

Out of the crashed Starlight Straight train, a woman comes out with a gun to Orth's head. She tells them to stop. Mako shoots the gun out of her hand, but she just threatens to break Orth's neck. AuDy lands the Kingdom Come. A golden-sailed Netted Wave airship and three Apostolosian Hoplite mechs arrive.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Other Characters[edit | edit source]

  • J-m 144
  • Brother Sterling
  • Titan (wheeler pilot)
  • Chrome (wheeler passenger)
  • Nickel (wheeler pilot)
  • Sister Rust