COUNTER/Weight 36: Everything is Temporary

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

Throughout the Golden Branch Star Sector, leaders leap into action as news of a new, galactic threat spreads. Minerva's Steiger sisters move their invisible fleet into position. The Rapid Evening digs in deeper to their new outpost in the sector. Rigor stirs from it's slumber. And on Counterweight, Ibex knocks on a door.

This week on COUNTER/Weight: Everything is Temporary

Easy come, easy go

Opening[edit | edit source]

A note echoes through the halls of the September Institute’s two vacant laboratories, repeated once and then again and then again, shifting in tone until it becomes an old song from the days of Earth, somehow passed down countless millennia. And Sinner Twelt, Provost-Regent Twelfth, whistles it as he goes about his work.

As fog rises above the tanks of liquid coolant and metallic cylinders inject data itself into flesh, Twelfth opens v-screens around him, trying to tune into what’s happening across the sector. But with the storm raging on September, he can only get splotches of the goings-on. A fleet moving here. A new treaty there. A refugee crisis. A gala. A quake. See how they run. He doesn’t need a clearer picture to know that everything is moving according to plan. Everyone else in the sector is running blind through a maze. He is the only one with real perspective. His whistles turn to singing as he slips on gloves. And deep below Mode City, it sings too.

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