COUNTER/Weight 21: Crisis! (A Solemn Vow Above the Sea of Counterweight)

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

Military water running down stainless steel cookware. The rustling of paperwork, yet unsigned. The warm hum and soft glow of engines alight. Distance and purpose, intermingling in the space between stars. A hand on a shoulder. A choice that makes itself. Eyes and voices, hearts and threats, and our familiar hesitation.

This week: Crisis! (A Solemn Vow Above The Sea of Counterweight)

Some things last a long time.

Opening[edit | edit source]

When Jace and Addax finally moved, he’d watch them from the busy shores of Vox, his sight reaching where his own voice no longer could. They moved, an asymmetrical pair. Peace, gigantic, a city-state on wings above the banks of magma and steam, stomping and gliding in mechanical oscillation. A fortress of power. And then, suddenly, a bird of prey on the thermal wind. And all around it, Jace’s Panther, a rigger broken into pieces, but not like glass, like an inverted puzzle, only complete when taken apart. Its core dancing balletic between incoming beams of light as its dozen metal feathers - black and shining - returned the violence twelvefold. Each slept soundly that night, and from the busy shores of Vox, Ibex watched.

And later he would watch them again, so still in the air, together: a crisis, a solemn vow, above the sea of Counterweight.

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