COUNTER/Weight 03: It's Fine, We're Criminals

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

The Chime, our intrepid group of freelance investigators and problem solvers, managed to survive their encounter with the mercenary band known as The Weightless. But many questions remain unanswered: Who are The Weightless. What have they done with Cene Sixheart? What does Orth Godlove of the Consolidated Counterweight Technocracy know about all of this? And who, or what, are the angels of Counterweight? Mako Trig (Keith Carberry) and Aria Joie (Ali Acampora) devise a cunning (and absurd) plan to answer these questions. AuDy (Jack de Quidt) and Cassander (Art Tebbel), meanwhile, have a much more direct approach in mind.

This episode of COUNTER/Weight: " It's Fine, We're Criminals"

There's nothing like a little breaking and entering!

Opening[edit | edit source]

As the sun sets at the edge of the horizon, smoke pours out of a launch bay at Counterweight’s Addax-Rethal Spaceport. Inside the bay, hygieni-bots go to work, scrubbing and scraping away the blast residue from the brief encounter between the Chime, your group of freelance problem solvers, and the mercenary band known as the Weightless. In the corner of the room lies a seemingly ruined black mech, a modified Rook with the King designation, its heads and arms torn apart by a plasma blast. Just as some of the cleaning bots begin to approach it, a light in its cockpit blinks on. [SFX: powering on] A monitor shudders to life and reads, "Automatic rendezvous. Destination: Snowtrak Lab Tau." And then the machine shakes itself awake, and in a moment, it pierces the smoke and takes to the sky.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Chime is all back on the Kingdom Come. Mako and Cass hang Shell Lotz off the edge of the ship to convince him to talk. He explains he is a member of the "patriot" Oricon mercenary group the Weightless, hired by Snowtrak Synergies. Having gotten the information, they knock him out and drop him off at the Rethal-Addax Spaceport. The Kingdom Come redocks there and does repairs. As the Chime leaves, they see a recording of the previous fight overriding a weather display, with the sign-off "The Angels of Counterweight". They report back to Orth, who points them toward a Snowtrak Dome a rogue Rook was spotted approaching. When they ask about the Angels of Counterweight, he claims not to know of them.

Mako and Aria visit Snowtrak Synergies Lab Tau and pose as potential buyers Drillbot Taylor and Mara Ausche, respectively. Cass and AuDy sneak in through a loading bay, destroying a camera as they enter. Jorne brings Mako and Aria in, and while Mako has to turn his gun in, Aria manages to secretly keep hers. Mako and Jorne mutually charm each other. AuDy forces a door open. Cass and AuDy find themselves in the catwalks above the R&D garage Mako and Aria are touring. Mako and Aria both sign a contract to buy six extremely expensive robots and a new flyboard for Mako (the Ring of Saturn). AuDy and Cass head further into the facility, now shadowed by an unknown person.

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