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Episode description[edit | edit source]

As ships pull into high orbit over September and an uncanny groan bleats from below it, The Chime pair off and move to complete their mission. Cassander and AuDy find themselves wondering if there's more to Dr. September's cabin than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Aria Joie and Mako Trig scrub through the past for an answer to the Institute's biggest mysteries.

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Opening[edit | edit source]

AUSTIN: Nine months after the September Incident. After negotiations and debriefings, after concerts and confrontations, the future of the Righteous Vanguard had been determined.

It would happen tomorrow night, all pomp and theatrics. Aria Joie would lift her arm, bright and golden, say a few inspiring words, and then the party would be hers. In some ways, it had been hers all along. That’s what Ibex said, anyway…

Jacqui Green ran her fingers along her partner’s brilliant new limb.

JACQUI: So… I have a question. Are you upset that… Paisley won’t be here?

ARIA: [scoffs] I’m more upset Jamil won’t come…

JACQUI: I mean… she’s… just… [scoffs] that’s understandable, don’t you think?

ARIA: No… I mean… why are you asking about Paisley?

JACQUI: I just… you know… you… you saved him, on September, after he… Whatever he became… He’s not even a man anymore.

ARIA: [sighs] he meant a lot to me once, and… I… It’s… my fault? So… I don’t know… I… couldn’t just leave him there; if there was a chance that I could have helped him, I would’ve…

JACQUI: [sighs] I’m worried for you, Aria…

ARIA: Why?

JACQUI: You know you can’t save everybody, right?

ARIA: Yeah, but I can try to…

AUSTIN: She laughs.

JACQUI: I thought that too, once… Anyway, good luck: I’ll be there for you."

ARIA: Thank you…

AUSTIN: And she stands up, and walks out the door.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Mako and Aria meet each other on campus and Mako explains about Maritime Lapel. They go to the library, where Maritime is studying. Mako tries to tell her that she died, and Aria tries to remind him that they are not actually students here; everyone is even more confused than before. Mako realizes Maritime is being affected by another presence. He can scrub back through history here using the Mesh, and see both her immediate past and immediate future actions. He moves forward to the day before she stops being visible: the day of the Spring Formal.

AuDy pulls Cass inside the cabin to warn them that Maxine is a Divine. Cass tells them about the reality-shifting situation on campus and is introduced to Maryland. Maxine, who they left outside, has gone. AuDy follows the Divine Mesh signature attached to her and finds her trapped in some sort of invisible building connected to the cabin.

Aria and Mako go to “Sunset by the Sea: A Fantasy Prom”, which is themed after the Hieron anime. Of the Chime, only Aria, as a former EarthHome employee, has seen the show. Lazer Ted, who is dressed as Fantasmo, hooks Mako up with a hologram costume of Captain Brandish and gives Aria a real dress to cosplay Adelaide.

Cass and AuDy try to confront Maxine as a Divine, but while something seems to respond, she herself doesn’t understand. Suddenly she realizes she doesn’t know either of them, and panics, falling to the ground. She can hear Rigour, too. Cass considers shooting her, and Maxine demands to see Maryland. She slams her fist on the cabin, revealing a football field long warehouse in its place. They take Maxine inside to Maryland, who is happy to see her.

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