COUNTER/Weight 14: We've All Killed People

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

The Chime have tracked down the mysterious Gnosis virus, but they're not the only ones who want it! Two high powered, hard hitting mercs are between our heroes and a payday. Can Aria turn the tables on Jaqi Green? What will Mako find in Horizon's most secure servers? Can Audy keep the Kingdom Come flying under fire? When a conflict of loyalties emerges, will Cass be able to keep his plan from falling apart?

Find out this week on COUNTER/Weight: "We've All Killed People"

Watch your back...

Plot[edit | edit source]

AuDy calls Aria in the middle of her fight with Jacqui, and she asks them to come help; AuDy and their drone Just A Dog rush back to the Kingdom Come. Aria has the Brilliance cut a hole in the wall. Jacqui is cut off from escape. AuDy is arriving in the Kingdom Come and opens the dock for Aria's mech. As Aria grabs Jacqui with the hand of the Brilliance, AuDy is attacked by Jillian Red, who snuck in through the open dock. She tells them to land the Kingdom Come somewhere else but AuDy spins the ship around sharply and Jillian is slammed against a wall.

Cass takes off from the Minerva facility to join up with Aria and AuDy. Aria has the Brilliance pick her up and puts the unconscious Jacqui in the cockpit. Horizon's Luna mechs have been alerted by all the noise and are trying to target her. Cass arrives just in time to destroy them, but they get shots in first which hit the Brilliance. Aria is forced to land on a rooftop briefly; Jacqui manages to get out.

AuDy threatens to throw Jillian out of the Kingdom Come, and she lets them do it; as they throw her out, an explosion goes off from the Kingdom Come's control room. The ship begins descending towards a park below.

Mako sees a weird shadow of himself in the Mesh as he logs out, but he successfully hits the bricks.

Cass is actually piloting the Megalo File remotely, and has a gun pointed at Jacqui. Jill has just fallen to her death; Jacqui gets a call, gives them the Gnosis virus, and flees. Cass gets their own call from Koda, who is concerned about what's going down and wants them to give the virus to Paisley and Apostolos. AuDy manages to land the ship without hurting anyone, damaging the ship further.

The Chime is conflicted about what to do with the virus. Aria calls Jamil, who tells her it's Counterweight's Angels who would destroy Gnosis. This does not help the discussions very much. In the end, Cass hands Gnosis over to Paisley, to be delivered to an Apostolosian science lab. Cass is publicly labeled part of a bio-terror incident ("Fishy Prince Leaves Fingerprints...") and is now wanted by the CCT.

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