COUNTER/Weight 26: Do You Have Room For Me?

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

The Divine Detachment circles the planet at a blistering velocity, its corresponding satellites watching over it. On board The Kingdom Come, The Chime finds itself in argument, and Detachment silently approaches. Aria faces off against the laws of gravity, Cass struggles to piece a plan together, Mako thinks it'd be a good idea if you call him Larry now, and parts of AuDy are lost and found.

This time on COUNTER/Weight: Do You Have Room For Me?

We are older than we know.

Opening[edit | edit source]

An excerpt from the best-selling lecture series "Man-Made Clouds: the Creation and Control of Strati in the Golden Branch Star Sector" by Dr. Jace Rethal.

We know now that in the depths of his mind, a thing that was not quite Mako Trig would meet a thing that was not quite Executive Ibex, and they would recognize each other as not quite old friends. On that digital seaside, the phenomenon “Larry” would be the first to discover what the strati ostensibly trained by the September Institute really were.

There is an irony in this discovery. In Dr. Maryland September’s seminal text, Stratusphere, she wrote that the creation of her institute was, quote, “a most necessary precaution, as assimilation into the state structure is the only way to protect strati from the cold cogwheel apparatus of an oligarchy desperate for a new weapon, and from its citizens who, ignorant of science, are terrified of evening phantoms.”

To this day we cannot be sure if Dr. September knew the truth of how her strati operated. But there is no doubt in my mind that she knew just how many phantoms moved in the night.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Jerboa informs the Chime that they’ve been shaking up Diasporan affairs way too much, and Detachment comes into view on the scanners. As the Chime is arguing about Mako-Larry, Detachment catches the Kingdom Come in its orbit and the ship rapidly speeds up. AuDy falls to the back of the ship and Mako falls as the ship turns vertically. Orth tries to right the ship. Aria heads for the hangar.

AuDy feels a strange Liberty system turn on and prompt them to connect to the Mesh; they turn it back off. Larry, going by “Mako”, jacks into Detachment and blocks Mako, who he insists on calling “Larry”, from doing the same. AuDy and Orth right the ship. Cass and Aria launch in the Arete and the Regent’s Brilliance to attack Detachment’s satellites, avoiding Detachment’s blows. AuDy makes evasive maneuvers while Orth sets course for another satellite. “Larry” (Mako) begins fogging “Mako” (the real Larry).

When Aria destroys one of the satellites, Detachment slows but lets out an EMP that knocks out the ship’s systems. AuDy’s Liberty system turns them off just before it hits. Cass attacks another satellite, and Jerboa sends out a second EMP that fries the Kingdom Come’s backup systems. Detachment stabs a sword into the ship, depressurizing it just as AuDy powers back up. Mako (Mako) has followed Larry into Detachment’s systems, represented by a forest being menaced by Rigour, and then further into a digital beach.

AuDy heads into the depressurized room before Orth and Jacqui close the blast door. They grab onto Detachment’s sword just as Cass and Aria destroy the last satellites. Detachment pulls the sword out through the jagged hole, making AuDy lose an arm. In the beach, Mako finds Larry and someone who looks like Ibex relaxing. Larry tells Mako that he and Righteousness will start fogging Detachment soon. He also says that Righteousness has been in Mako’s head forever. Meanwhile, AuDy is panicking as they float through space. They manage to get into Detachment’s cockpit even as Jerboa shoots at them with a pistol. AuDy throws Jerboa out into space to die.

AuDy sees Liberty and Discovery boot up inside them, and the two Divines overrides Detachment. A Divine portal opens and lets through the Seventh Sun, which destroys the Minerva ships and moves on towards Counterweight. As the digital beach begins to fade, Larry tells Mako Righteousness has explained to him not to goof around. He’ll be good, as long as there’s room for him in Mako’s head.

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