COUNTER/Weight 23: An Astonishingly Illegal Ship

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

As the members of The Chime awake from the memory farm, they return to a world that has changed without them. Corporations may have restructured, empires may have fallen but the threat of Ibex remains and so there is no time to react, only to prepare. Cassander receives their inheritance, Aria turns a rival into a follower, AuDy trades a tray for a pilot's seat and Mako catches glimpses of himself everywhere.

This week on COUNTER/Weight: An Astonishly Illegal Ship!

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Opening[edit | edit source]

When you leave the memory farm, you emerge into streets brimming with the strange energy of a long weekend and a compulsory celebration. In just a few hours, under pseudo-cerulean skies, the citizens of Counterweight will celebrate the sheer fact of their existence. But now it is dark, and laborers are in the final stages of preparation. Neon cloth banners roll out over freshly cleaned memorial archways. Firework display configurations are programmed into the ballistic systems of decommissioned Riggers. 12-year-olds practice the opening bars of our national anthems, and wonder what it is they’re supposed to be happy for.

"You have two and a half days," Orth says. "Finish your business, and get ready." His vision drifts past you, up to a blinking satellite in near orbit. It’s time to leave Counterweight.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Orth wants the Chime to get off Counterweight, past Detachment and the anniversary blockade, and take a weapon from September so they can get past security at Liberty and Discovery Automaticorps headquarters and clear their biometrics from the databases. He gives them the few credits remaining from the collapsed Consolidated Counterweight Technocracy.

It’s time for love letters: Mako keeps spotting a familiar face out of the corner of his eye. Cene is worried about AuDy going off planet, and gives them some healing goop to maintain their systems. Aria gets a chai latte with Tea Kenridge; Tea gives her access to the Weightless’s old hangar. Cass receives notice that their parent, the Apokine, has been killed in a coup thrown by their sibling and Koda insists that they attend the funeral remotely, to much fanfare. Afterwards, Cass learns Sokrates has gifted them their parent’s personal mech, the Arete.

The Chime visits the Rethal-Addax Spaceport. Mako and AuDy talk to J-m 27, who agrees to hide their astonishingly illegal ship in exchange for payment. However, AuDy offends J-m 27 in the process. Aria and Cass pick up the Queen Custom and Arete. The Kingdom Come has a new warehouse attached underneath to fit them. Aria equips Jace's old beam saber to the Regent's Brilliance.

AuDy finds Orth asleep in the ship: he’s coming with them as another pilot.

Mako hacks a waiter bot, which responds to him with his own face as it suggests the best time for the ship to launch.

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