Divine Cycle

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The Divine Cycle consists of several ongoing series (Counter/WEIGHT, Twilight Mirage, PARTIZAN, and the upcoming PALISADE) and mini-series (The Road to PARTIZAN and The Road to PALISADE) of Actual Play podcasts by Friends at the Table. It is set in a shared sci-fi universe over the course of tens to hundreds of thousands of years of history. The Divine Cycle is set after the expansion of humanity across the Milky Way. It features giant robots called Divines, their pilots, and the consequences of their existence. The seasons vary in subgenre, ranging from cyberpunk/tech-noir to science fantasy to military science fiction.

The series began in July 2015 with the publication of the first episode of Counter/WEIGHT. To date the cast has used over 20 different game systems in the Divine Cycle, with the most prominent being Mechnoir; the Faction Game, a hack of Stars Without Number and Microscope; The Sprawl; The Veil; Scum and Villainy; and Beam Saber.