COUNTER/Weight 11: A Thing You Know About Nightclubs

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

This week, we enter into The Sprawl in earnest. Big Cass finds himself pulled between familial duty and personal safety, AuDy calls in a favor from a fellow sentient machine, Mako goes digging for information, and Aria finds, to her surprise, that she has a new hit record.

This week on COUNTER/Weight: "A Thing You Know About Nightclubs"

Get ready to feel the beat!

Opening[edit | edit source]

At the interior of the bar and nightclub Sine Wave, Jamil Quartz-Noble finds herself kneeling among a few dozen bodies. Some separate flesh from blood, while others vibrate holographically, a humming static where once there was a thing like life.

She sighs and shakes her head before lifting a finger to her ear and speaking to someone she knows can’t make this better. "It’s too late. It’s live. All we can do now is damage control."

And with a swipe of her hand, the holographic bodies evaporate - no trace left for when PrivSec arrives to conduct their investigation. And in the DJ booth, a pop song plays on repeat, aggressively joyous, and designed with a singular, final precision.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The session begins with love letters. AuDy asks the captured Sister Rust about her beliefs and ends up returning her to the Iron Choir. Mako retrieves some intel on Snowtrak from his Liberty and Discovery Automaticorps raid. After Cass's space mission, their family asks them to guard their cousin Laris on a visit to Counterweight, but they refuse. Aria learns that when she first joined JoyPark, she signed over her rights to her image and audio.

Paisley Moon asks the Chime to the opening of the Krilham C-E-D dome's BluSky dome and beach. He passes them a job from his client, Apostolos, to recover data from the September Institute before it is sold. The data is currently being protected by an OriCon security firm, and several other factions are interested in acquiring it.

Mako does some light hacking and learns the data is called the Gnosis Virus; it has already caused the deaths of 12 people in a Centralia nightclub a few weeks ago. AuDy contacts shadow broker "Benny", who points them to Dome 32 and Horizon Tactical Solutions, who direct the movement of Gnosis from a distance. Aria talks to her own contact, Wes, and learns about the new Aria Joie song, "SkyBright Love". Wes warns her about the security at the Horizon facility, while Cass surveys the facility alongside AuDy's Junebug photography drone, and spots their best way in.

Cass assigns themself and Mako to the Horizon facility, and AuDy and Aria to going after Gnosis. Just as everyone is moving into place, Aria gets a call from Jamil.

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