COUNTER/Weight 06: Here's Your Bribe Tip

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

After a few weeks of recovery and dry times, The Chime finally gets a new job from Orth Godlove: to investigate his own disappearance. Stakes are high but tensions are even higher as protesters fill the streets around the Consolidated Counterweight Technocracy. Just what, if anything, do the protests have to do with Orth? Where is Orth and what else can The Chime learn about him while they have the chance?

This episode of COUNTER/Weight: "Here's Your Bribe Tip"

Things are heating up!

Opening[edit | edit source]

The flash and fury of gunshots, leaving high-pitched, ringing noises, muting the rest of the world. We see the length of a Golden War-era revolver and the camera pivots to the side to reveal Orth Godlove, broad, dark-faced, gray stubble and even grayer suit, buttonless, fit snugly around his old muscle. As he holds the weapon outwards, smoke drifting from the barrel, the world comes into focus around him. Lights blaring and digital bells and beeps ringing, electronic Keno machines begging absentee gamblers to come and try their chances, but where tourists might sit instead are crates, wooden and metal and plastine, and each of them marked clearly, “Emergency Food Supply.”

“Chime!” Orth yells into his comm unit, “Chime, come in!” But there is no signal. Outside, an engine roars.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Chime receives an automated message from Orth Godlove, scheduled to send in the event of his own disappearance and offering 10 credits for his recovery. They head to the Consolidated Counterweight Technocracy office and speak with his coworker, Maris Lynwood, who explains that Orth was organizing a supply drop in Dome 7. In return for an exorbitant 6 credits, she agrees to let them into Orth's office. Mako hacks Orth's biotracker, which reveals that he left Dome 7 with off-world food supplies before the connection was lost. Aria also finds messages in his computer to Horizon Tactical Solutions, The Weightless, "Jaq n Jyl", and various people from Oricon and the Diaspora. Mako creates a back door in the systems for the future.

The Chime meets up with Jamil Quartz-Noble at a Constellation Café. She suspects the Netted Wave are behind recent protests, especially with the upcoming ten year anniversary of the Golden War.

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