COUNTER/Weight 08: Our Hostage Below

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

The battle continues as The Chime tries to rescue Orth Godlove but they aren't the only ones with their sights set on him... between the Iron Choir and the Netted Wave, this Orth guy is pretty popular! Who knows what they want with him, but who's asking questions when his life--and more importantly, kredits are on the line?

This time on COUNTER/Weight: "Our Hostage Below"

Ready for action?

Opening[edit | edit source]

Koda Whitegloves glares out of the auto-car at the warm humid pastels of Counterweight’s Centralia Dome. Outside, throngs of civilians shout, hungry, in response. Koda sighs and looks forward, buttoning up their form-fitting white uniform, shiny silver buttons reflecting the light and the heat. The car parks and Koda steps out, and enters their clinic. Inside, parents beg Koda’s algorithmic receptionist for service, but Koda walks past with an official’s gait. And then, the office. And then, Koda’s face, determined. And then on the holoscreen the face of another Apostolosian, and then the words: fine due.

Plot[edit | edit source]

AuDy pilots the Kingdom Come towards the Netted Wave group, and starts leading them back to the rest of the Chime. Mako ends up in a standoff against Sister Rust and Nickel. Aria jumps out of her mech. Cass puts out static on their rigalia as a signal to the other Apostolosians, who open a comms channel, but the conversation doesn't go well. The Athenian charges into the Kingdom Come, destroying its thrusters. Aria convinces Nickel to flee, who grabs Brother Sterling from the wreckage.

Tisiphone lands in a Hoplite mech. Mako tackles Sister Rust, knocking her out and sending Orth flying. Tisiphone tries to grab Orth, but Cass in the Megalo File jumps from the ship and blocks them. Aria and Orth rush into the Regent's Brilliance, dodging shots. AuDy runs out of the Kingdom Come, grabbing Sister Rust and dragging her back into the ship. The Chime and Netted Wave Hoplites exchange attacks. Aria pulls her fireworks and music trick again, shouting "This ends here," and then flees, drawing the Netted Wave away. The Kingdom Come and Megalo File head in the other direction.

While meeting up with Jamil later at a Constellation Cafe, another Angels of Counterweight video plays, showing their recent battle, with the commentary "Security group The Chime successfully defeated foreign terrorists and recovered the food that the people of Counterweight so desperately needed." In fact, it was the Netted Wave who recovered the food from the Iron Choir and brought it back.

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