COUNTER/Weight 04: The Bells Are Ringing

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

The Chime continues their rescue of Cene Sixheart, the brilliant roboticist kidnapped by Snowtrak Industries and forced to work on a mysterious project in a research and development facility. Surely things couldn't get any worse—or ridiculous—for our heroes, right? AuDy (Jack de Quidt) makes a scene, Aria Joie (Ali Acampora) makes a statement, Mako Trig (Keith Carberry) pushes the limits of his charm and Cassander (Art Tebbel) tests his skills as a doctor.

This episode of COUNTER/Weight: "The Bells Are Ringing"

Gotta lose some to win some!

Plot[edit | edit source]

AuDy and Cass, being followed, enter the catwalks above the room where Cene is being kept. There are three armed guards below. AuDy throws themself off the balcony to the floor, pretending to be malfunctioning, and then shuts themselves off. Two of the guards approach them, giving Cass an opening to sneak down the stairwell. Cene is incapitated by the display they're watching, so Cass has to pick them up. Jorne brings Mako and Aria into the same room, and the guards recognize Aria as a member of the Chime.

Aria shoots into the air and says “The bells are ringing!” Pretty, one of the guards, shoots back at her and hits her gun hand with explosive rounds, hurting her badly. Cass uses their Rigalia to make the Megalo File shoot at the compound from outside. A gunfight begins inside, and AuDy powers back on to join in. Bee, another of the guards, takes Aria hostage. Jorne flees. Mako tries to free Aria by spraying his complementary water into Bee's eyes, but Bee still shoots him. Aria takes the opportunity to get free and knocks him out. Cass loads Cene into the Megalo File, and Aria calls the Regent's Brilliance to pick her and AuDy up. Mako stumbles back through the facility and takes back his gun. Beck, who had been following AuDy before, speeds off in a car, shooting at the Regent's Brilliance with a rocket launcher. AuDy helps Aria navigate to lose him.

Jorne calls for medical assistance for Mako and agrees to have Snowtrak pay for it, but will not cancel Mako's purchase. Cass is able to treat Cene, but Aria is going into shock, and they call Koda; Aria ends up needing to get a prosthetic hand/forearm. Cene wakes up before she does, and seems better, although they are worried about the source of the code, a dig on Ionias. AuDy reports back to Orth. They don't say what Snowtrak wanted Cene for.

A new Angels of Counterweight video is released, showing Cene's kidnapping and rescue, and ending with “When the bells chime, you’re out of time.”

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