COUNTER/Weight 22: The Broken Branch

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

As our heroes review the past, the Golden Branch Star sector moves forward without them. And it moves towards instability. New corporate initiatives seek to re-establish the status quo. Old heroes come out of retirement, hoping to change things dramatically for the better. Masterminds move chess pieces and pawns contemplate their sacrifices. And above the planet Sage, Grace tightens her fist.

This week COUNTER/Weight: The Broken Branch

On a long enough timeline, every orbit decays.

Opening[edit | edit source]

They found each other in the wreckage of optimism, and it took them a decade to decide that hope was not enough to save the Golden Branch from itself. It was in a library, not an armoury, where the Apostolosian became the sword and shield of Integrity, a Divine who’d lost its Candidate.

Some climb into their Divines, others deploy them across the battlefield, or fight under the blanket of their shadows. But Integrity demands intimacy. It digs into the flesh of the willing, all metal and promises and penetralia, desperate to create an unbreakable unity. It is afraid, and wounded, and it cannot know the power it gives without seeing it first in the reflection of a Candidate's eyes: the loft, the velocity, the violence. And for the first time in centuries, Integrity doesn’t fear its Candidate. It moves with confidence, in muscle and ambition. It believes in Sokrates Nikon Artemisios.

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