COUNTER/Weight 18: The Order of Things

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

The desert winds of Counterweight are broken by the sound of gunfire, as The Chime face foes new and old in the settlement of Seabed City. While Aria Joie finds herself tangled up in a mess of problems (and lasers), Cass proves his mettle as a soldier (and a doctor). Elsewhere, Mako confronts a living godhead and AuDy confronts the grey space between programming and feeling.

This week on COUNTER/Weight: "The Order of Things”

It’s so quiet out here...

Plot[edit | edit source]

AuDy warns people away from the ship and then sends out their rotor drone Junebug at Territory Jazz. The Brilliance kicks at the drones, but is caught back up by Territory Jazz, and drops its beam saber to the ground. At this point, five of the Weightless arrive at Seabed City and begin flying for Order. With a drone attacking the Megalo File, Cass is able to flood its channels with Apostolosian script, disabling the Keyfield suit's drone shielding. But the damage to their mech is bad enough that Cass is auto-ejected.

Mako reaches the center of Order, where the golden orb is. The Divine interfaces with him, and while he has the chance to sway it back towards Peace, he instead picks the orderly answers. Order wakes and begins to move. It easily destroys two of the Weightless mechs; Tea Kenridge affirms that they'll beat Order like she did before.

Cass shoots and kills Territory Jazz even as they're flying through the air. Sister Rust begs AuDy not to let Order leave the city, and as it moves the crops that were planted near it are beginning to die. Mako manages to keep Order from attacking the Kingdom Come. As he deactivates the Divine, Cass parachutes into Order and blasts through its doors.

The Kingdom Come lands. Aria is shot by Tea just before she slams into the back of the ship. Cass pulls Mako and the orb out of Order and brings them back. They begin treating Aria's wounds. The remaining members of the Weightless flee.

AuDy watches Sister Rust give her sermon. She shows AuDy how the golden orb keeps the Choir's farms alive and keeps the people able to live safely without a functioning dome. AuDy takes a Dead Metal symbol from one of the fallen people. They return to the ship, power down everything but the medical bay, and return the orb to Seabed City. In return, the Iron Choir repairs their mechs and gives them some credits, but the Chime is still at a net loss.

Cass receives a video message from Ibex, threatening them for their interference in the operations of the Liberty and Discovery Automaticorps.

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