COUNTER/Weight 24: It's Still Dark Out

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

With the newly formed Righteous Vanguard closing in on them, the Chime makes final preparations for escaping Counterweight. AuDy winds up working as a pawn in a much larger game while Cassander examines the state of the board. Elsewhere, Mako faces an uncannily familiar opponent and Aria Joie finds herself in an unexpected (but not unwelcome) rematch.

This week on COUNTER/Weight: It's Still Dark Out

Even the heart can be put in checkmate.

Opening[edit | edit source]

An excerpt from the journal of Addax Dawn, member of the Rapid Evening, Archangel of Counterweight.

I’ve lost a dozen agents in the last two days and tomorrow I’ll lose a dozen more. Our work here has failed, yet I am joyous. It made a mistake! It doesn’t see it yet but it made a mistake.

In the eons since the first divine was tricked into slumber, the galaxy learned that with enough variables in play, even gods make miscalculations. Now, Rigour will learn that lesson too. That machine breathes power. It compiles its psychic graphics, it leverages all of post-humanity's post-industrial acumen, but with the voice of the Evening in its ear, it has learned too much. It sees the pieces, and their movements, and the board with a truly blinding clarity, and so it misses the character of these things.

It collects its pawns, one and then another, but fails to consider the weight of their number. It predicts the long arm of the bishop, but discounts her loyalty. It depends on the strength of the rook, but underestimates the allure of her ocher skin. It obsesses over the regent’s authority, but misses her brilliance.

This is how I know the Golden Branch will survive, because for all its attention to detail, all its efficient algebra, Rigour can never imagine the impossible, necessary future of these beautiful radicals.

Plot[edit | edit source]

AuDy and Cass go to BAABS, who gives them intel on how procedures to move through space undetected, in exchange for them making a delivery. Aria tries to get in contact with Jamil, who isn’t answering her calls. As she’s approaching Jamil’s apartment, she sees Jacqui, Jamil and two security officers descending in the elevator. She follows them out and tries to stop them, but Jacqui just attacks her with an explosion.

Meanwhile Cass is researching Detachment at the library, and learns that deactivating its satellite system might give them a chance to get past. Mako is logging into servers trying to figure out why his face has been popping up. AuDy delivers some films, although signing for them leads a record of their presence.

Aria pushes through the crowd towards Jamil. One of the suits shoots her as she’s pulling Jamil away. Jacqui interrupts, pinning Jamil to the ground and stepping on her. Aria notices Jacqui’s lack of interest in this mission; she asks Jacqui to go on a date with her, and Jacqui agrees.

Jamil tells Aria her cover has been blown, and something bad is going down on Ionias. They both have to leave Counterweight soon; the two part ways. Jacqui and Aria go together to the Kingdom Come where Aria gets her gunshot wound treated by Cass.

They’ve bought back the Kingdom Come’s old engines from the war, that had been sold off, and this is just enough to get it off the ground. As the ship takes off, Mako finds someone on the mesh who looks a lot like him, but says his name is Larry.

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