COUNTER/Weight 12: A Home After A Wake

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

The Chime continues their hunt for the Gnosis virus, as Cassander and Mako infiltrate the Snowtrak facility, AuDy finds a nice cafe and Aria goes to a concert. Will Cassander be able to keep their head down? What will Mako find in the mesh? Is Aria the best Aria Joie cosplayer!?

This week on COUNTER/Weight: A Home After A Wake...

Every dog has their day!

Plot[edit | edit source]

Jamil warns Aria about the Gnosis virus, and asks her not to give it to Apostolos, but to her, as she knows people who can destroy it.

Mako enters the Horizon facility covertly. He begins hacking into the Horizon systems (which he views in the Mesh as a house) but a program spots him and calls for "Larry". Mako suggests to the program that he is actually Larry and sends it away. Cass is recognized as Apostolosian by an Apostolosian guard on patrol, who decides to overlook them. They follow Mako's path in.

Aria is flying in the Brilliance south of Centralia, and can see both an Aria Joie concert happening inside the Kilham C-E-D Dome and the lights of Horizon riggers from Dome 32 flying towards it.

Cass and Mako encounter some guards in the next security room and pose as heater repair technicians; one guard takes them down to the weapons testing facility. Adler, who they last saw while rescuing Cene, comes out of one of the mechs but is fooled for now.

AuDy heads for a Constellation Coffee to work out the location of Gnosis. In the Brilliance, Aria follows the Horizon riggers to the EarthHome Really There-ter, and then tails one of them, Beck, on foot disguised as a fan in Aria Joie cosplay. The space is mostly physically empty; the majority of fans are here virtually.

Mako hacks the heater and opens the door to the next level. The Larry program shows up, and Mako starts copying him, confusing him so badly that he leaves.

In the back halls of the concert, Aria hears a woman tell Beck the test is about to start.

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