Andrew Lee Swan

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Andrew Lee Swan, also known as Dre, is a cast member on Friends at the Table.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main Seasons[edit | edit source]

Season Characters
Seasons of Hieron Throndir
Lilith R'ion, Danny (WIH Holiday Special)
COUNTER/Weight Faction game participant
Natalya Greaves (Kingdom Arc)
Kobus (Finale)
Marielda Sige
Twilight Mirage Even Gardner
Zo'la (Millenium Break Arc)
The Figure in Bismuth
Sangfielle Chine

Patreon Games[edit | edit source]

Season Game Characters
Bluff City A Bowling Alley, A Boxer, and A Bird Jodie O'Brian
The Eighty Six Sergeant Janis Stone (Dione Gabro)
The Grapplers Down at Promenade Arena Count Faustolfe the Third (Lenny Reed)
The Moving Pictures Bartholomew "Dr. Bart" Asher
Live at the Table Misspent Youth Edilia "Edi" Rosamund
Fall of Magic Piccolo
Lady Blackbird Half Past by the Minute Hand
Dream Askew Robyn
Honey Heist Snoopy Doo
Lasers and Feelings Astley Spakes
Stewpot Aldritch Bleu
Road to PARTIZAN Dialect Asper Mykell
Armour Astir Vessel's Gold
For the Queen Eudora