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Concretists are the inhabitants of the Shale Belt, who have unique medical needs which have led them to create innovative cybernetics. They tend to be "secular and technologically-minded".[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The Concretists are descended from the Concretetown Particulars, a group of NEH colonists on Moonlock in the Twilight Mirage who, after an industrial accident, needed to constantly breathe in the particles from their original settlement's construction materials. They came to live on Palisade at some point, and chose not leave with the Divine Principality when it left the Mirage.

By the time of PALISADE, they have created composites of Q-Concrete and have been able to incorporate it into parts of their bodies, making many of them into "stone cyborgs".[2] They have also integrated it into their own buildings, and worked with other local communities to work it into nearby infrastructure.


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After a Mirage bomb is tripped and Palisade becomes part of the Quire system, the planet's Concretists struggle with the change in atmosphere.[3] In order to get the same quality of oxygen they had outside of the Mirage, they are forced to source different types of medical equipment and supplies,[4] and the adjustment is a slow and difficult one.[5]

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