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Synthetics or robots are a type of people who exist in the Divine Universe. They're typically made of metal, as you might expect, but some take more esoteric forms such as programs or operating systems; even those that have an obvious physical form are not always humanoid in shape. They range in their ability to diverge from their initial programming.

Mechs are technically synthetics, though the majority are not conscious beings, and those who do have some level of sapience (like Mow) are not typically referred to as synthetic people.

Columnar[edit | edit source]

Stel Columnar is a society of synthetics. The Equiaxed, synthetic cyborgs who modify their robotic bodies with organic parts, are an ethnic minority within the Stel.

Divines[edit | edit source]

Divines are usually considered a unique form of life distinct from other synthetic beings, but this distinction a matter of popular perception, and doesn't reflect an inherent difference between the two groups.