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Eidolons are historical Apostolisian heroes.

In the Apostolosian Empire of the Golden era (COUNTER/Weight), it is common to choose an Eidolon as a model for one's values. There are six (one of which changes over time, as it takes the sitting Apokine as reference). The chosen Eidolon theoretically gives someone a specific pronoun, though they are not used directly for any character in the podcast.[note 1]

In Stel Apostolos of the Principality era (PARTIZAN and PALISADE), the amount of Eidolons has greatly expanded. Most Apostolisians now affix part of the name of their Eidolon to their root name to form their full forename. This also supplies a possible pronoun (though they/them is also generally appropriate). An example would be Cas’alear Rizah, whose Eidolon is Cassander, and uses cas/cas'[note 2] or they/them pronouns.

Known Eidolons[edit | edit source]

Golden Era[edit | edit source]

  • Apole[note 3] - Sokrates[1] and Cassander[2]
    • Domain: Personal sacrifice, family and the collection of resources
  • Apotine - Argus Korba and Cassander (?)[3]
    • Domain: Security, patience and monuments
  • Apoanta
    • Domain: Journeys, commerce and challenging oneself
  • Apote
    • Domain: Instructions, celebration and animals
  • Apothesa
    • Domain: Construction, military action and history
  • Apokine

Principality Era[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Austin offers some pronoun paradigms in this tweet, although he stresses that these are non-canon.
  2. The full paradigm is cas/cas/cas'/cas'/casself, modeled here.
  3. All the original Eidolons except the Apokine are references to some of the gods of Hieron (Samol, Samotine, Samonta, Samot, and Samothes), with Sam- replaced by Apo- and minor changes in spelling/pronunciation. Their domains are also taken from the associated gods.

References[edit | edit source]