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Over the years, the cast has done a number of streams, Let's Plays and other miscellaneous fun things under the Friends at the Table banner.

Random Article[edit | edit source]

On May 9, 2019, the friends did a patron-exclusive stream of a pilot episode of Random Article, a possible future podcast for the Patreon described as "sort of like a Clapcast, but with a little more structure. Or, for diehards, it's a bit like Fishteen Minutes, except it's an hour and not only about fish". Although they have not gone on to regularly make episodes of Random Article, a new episode was recorded during the NNAF fundraiser (see below) and as a result of one of the fundraiser's goals, the first episode was released to the main feed.

Road to Season 6 Research - HARDCORE MECHA[edit | edit source]

On June 26, 2019, as a bonus bit of Road to PARTIZAN research, Austin streamed the action game HARDCORE MECHA for Patreon supporters.

Jack and Austin Play Six Ages[edit | edit source]

On October 20, 2019, Jack and Austin streamed Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind for Patreon supporters. Six Ages is a spiritual successor to the narrative strategy game King of Dragon Pass, which has been influential on how they tell stories about gods, myths, faith and culture.

Eurovision commentary[edit | edit source]

The cast has often done live commentary streams during the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest, a tradition which started with Friends at the Table's now-defunct predecessor Streamfriends, later moved to Austin's personal channel, and in 2022 was streamed on the Friends at the Table Youtube channel, with an archive available here.

NNAF Fundraiser[edit | edit source]

On July 3-4, 2022, Friends at the Table did a two-day fundraising stream raising money for the National Network of Abortion Funds. In addition to live games of Standoff and Scene Thieves also available as episodes in the main feed, the cast streamed various games (Spacelines from the Far Out, Final Fantasy XIV, Phasmophobia, Family Feud, the Hammacher Schlemmer website with Kat Brewster, and Escape Simulator) and recorded episodes of Fishteen Minutes and Random Article. Many of the stream's fundraising goals also related to future Friends at the Table streams, episodes, and extras, or releasing previously-exclusive content to the public.

Goal Incentive
$5000 Austin Can't Give Advice during Spacelines
$10,000 Family Feud Grand Opening
$15,000 Janine Helps During Phasmophobia w/ Notebook
$20,000 AMCA Star Wars AU Actual Play One-Shot
$30,000 Release the Random Article demo for everyone
$40,000 Release the GenCon Marielda Recording
$50,000 True False War: Duvall vs. Lyke
$60,000 Wildermyth Friends at the Table Let's Play
$65,000 Finish our Spacelines from the Far Out run TONIGHT
$75,000 Return to Marielda
$90,000 A Classic Eurovision Stream
$100,000 Original Goal
$105,000 Stationery Weirdos Stream/Podcast
$110,000 Return to the Bluff City Zoo
$115,000 Pusher Media Club Season 1 For EVERYONE
$120,000 Romeo + Juliet Media Club
$125,000 Pusher Media Club Season 2 For EVERYONE
$130,000 Road to Season 8: A Return to the Brink
$133,333.33 Third Maelgwyn Card :3
$135,000 Family Feud Followup Stream
$140,000 Skeleton Apology & Hieron Demo Track stream
$150,000 An Epilogue to the Second Spring
$160,000 Austin Will Reveal REALIS
$163,631.66 Final fundraising total!

The archived two-day stream is available on their Youtube here and here.

Stationery Talk Stream[edit | edit source]

Following the $105,000 goal fulfilled during the NNAF fundraiser, on July 16, 2022, Janine, Ali, Keith and Dre did a stationery chat stream, talking about pens, paper, stickers, and more.

FatT Plays: Wildermyth[edit | edit source]

Following the $60,000 goal fulfilled during the NNAF fundraiser, Austin, Jack, Janine and Keith began a Wildermyth Let's Play on August 19, 2022.