Live at the Table: Honey Heist

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Episode Description[edit | edit source]

Hey, you! Hi! Do you have some free time tonight? Yeah??Well come on down to Youtube and watch Austin, Ali, Dre, Sylvia and Art play HONEY HEIST LIVE ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plot[edit | edit source]

Glasses contacts Snoopy Do, Randy, Charles, and Slushie to arrange for them to run a heist at HoneyCon 20XX (“a hornet swipe with an alpha protocol attached”), giving them a week to plan their crime. Glasses, believing Slushie is the previous master thief polar bear, Snow Cone, puts her in charge of the heist. They are all familiar enough with each other to run a job together, although none of them are close friends.

The HoneyCon runs all weekend, giving them a wide window in which to plan their heist. The team gather in the back room of the Bluff City Zoo bar, and Slushie briefly tells them that she has brought them together to teach them how to swim before catching sight of the HoneyCon flyers and remembering her conversation with Glasses. She asks if the others have any idea why they’re there, and Randy prompts her to look at the flyers, helping her arrange them on the corkboard as they work through what their task actually is.

Randy says that they should rob the HoneyCon on Thursday, when all of the honey is there but before anyone has had a chance to buy the honey stocks. They plan to drive King Charles’ car there, and then discuss how they should get the honey out. They plan to use “papers” to trick any humans they come across. Snoopy Do plans to case the Yolk Harbour the get a feel for the place.

They spend the week doing heist prep at night, getting into and out of the Bluff City Zoo by Snoopy Do using his very long tongue to unlock the lock (they lost the key for the padlock, so he easily undoes the lock each night), then they climb over the roof of the gift shop to get out.

King Charles and Snoopy Do head out to Yolk Harbour, while Randy and Slushie stay back to use the Zoo’s computer to do research about the HoneyCon online via the Zoo’s “How Would Animals Use The Internet?” exhibit. Although they can’t read, they are able to figure some things out with context clues.

They print off some pages from the HoneyCon website, but a security guard heads towards their location because of the loud dot matrix printer. Randy quickly leaves to distract the security guard, making noise to bring the security guard to his location. Jerome, the security guard, calls in Randy as a “loose bear” to get him taken back to the panda exhibit. Randy walks towards Jerome, letting Slushie get away with the printed out HoneyCon information.

Meanwhile, Snoopy Do and King Charles figure out how to drive the car and head towards Yolk Harbour. As they drive, King Charles monologues to himself, imagining himself as the main character in a movie.

They arrive at Yolk Harbour only to find that the doors are locked. Snoopy Do can smell the tiniest whiff of honey (“it’s potent but there’s not a lot of it”). Snoopy Do suggests that they steal a boat and drive it into the enclosed dock so that they can get a better look inside. They find an unsecured row boat on one of the smaller docks and slowly row across the lake towards the dock.

The row boat’s RFID chip allows them access to the enclosed dock space. There is no security presence but unbeknownst to them, they are spotted by a camera. Once inside, Snoopy can smell the honey intensely, following the scent to an electronically locked enclosed steel-doored room in the back right corner of the enclosed dock - Georgia Heights’ office.

When they look through the window, they can see an entire box of the Bougie-Bees honey sitting on the desk inside. Snoopy Do inputs ‘420’ into the electronic lock, which is not the right combination. Snoopy Do, sensing the honey, attempts to climb the office walls but is unable to, his claws making a loud scratching noise, setting off the motion sensor inside the office.

King Charles runs to the row boat, trying to make his escape, followed closely by Snoopy Do. As they row back, they discuss what they’ve learnt and figure out that there is an eight-minute response time between them setting off the alarm and the police’s arrival.

Back at the Zoo, they talk over what they’ve learnt. They have a map, showing them where the best honey is and where it will be stored overnight on Thursday night. Randy and Slushie register and print out a parking pass under the name of “Srrrrjie” (Shirley). King Charles says they can easily take a row boat inside. Snoopy excitedly tells them that the honey smelt so good, and Randy tells him to keep calm.

Snoopy says they should drive the card into the enclosed pier, steal the honey and then escape via a boat, but the others disagree. He then suggests that her could sniff out what the code is for the electronic keypad, since Georgia Heights will have touched the keypad with her honeyed fingers.

On the night of the heist, they discover that Randy’s cage has been updated with a new lock put on it. The others gather around, and Randy manages to run at the gate to his cage and break the lock. They sneak over the gift shop into the parking lot, and drive away, managing to make it there without being spotted by any humans.

Once they arrive, the smell of honey is almost overwhelming to the bears - humans are still in the process of unloading the honey supplies into the safe room. The bears park, planning their next course of action. Snoopy Do says that they could put a tarp over themselves and only move when people are looking at them (“what’s a tarp?”). Slushie says that she thinks a disguise is a good idea but that a bright blue tarp might call too much attention, and that instead that they could take the security guard’s jackets. Slushie steals some of the security guard’s jackets from their nearby van and returns to the others. She, being the largest bear of the four, will have to wear the tarp as a jacket.

They discuss what they can do to get people to leave early so they can get in before the security measures get put into place. King Charles suggests that they can approach the security team and tell them that they, the bears, are the replacement security team. Randy agrees, saying that they can always beat up the security guards if that doesn’t work.

King Charles and Randy take the row boat towards the pier. Honey is being unloading a large amount of honey from a converted riverboat into the enclosed pier. The humans call out to the bears, asking if there’s an issue as they weren’t expecting any security inside. Randy manages to say the words “night shift” in a reasonable approximation of a human voice.

The human points a flashlight at them and sees that they are bears. King Charles attempts to jump at them, but he slips on the wet dock and falls into the water.

Meanwhile, Slushie and Snoopy Do enter and head towards the enclosed room. Snoopy sniffs the lock, and the numbers one to four have all been used, but he’s not sure of what the order is. As Snoopy Do tries the different combinations, Slushie begins to sense something is wrong. She hears the sound of angry bees buzzing, scaring her as she has never heard the sound before. She peeks into the office and can see that a small jar of bees has fallen over and broken, and there is a big jar (“a fancy condo for bees”) of bees sitting precariously on a shelf, teetering closer and closer to the edge with every wrong combination being entered.

They get in, momentarily distracted by the bees. Snoopy Do suggests that they let the bees out to free them and also cause a distraction to cover them taking the honey. They discuss this, as Slushie is not totally sold on the idea of letting the bees out, but eventually agrees. Slushie uses a shopping cart to get the honey out of the office while Snoopy Do lets the bees out. The furious bees begin to sting Snoopy Do, escaping out into the enclosed pier.

Back at the dock, a security guard rushes towards Randy, and Randy knocks them all out. The other people who were unloading the riverboat run out, pulling the fire alarm on their way out. Randy holds out a net to King Charles to help him out of the water, but unfortunately King Charles continues to sink beneath the water.

Slushie rushes forward, leaping into the water to save King Charles, grabbing Charles by the scruff of his neck and paddling back to the pier. She pulls him back up onto the dock.

Meanwhile, Snoopy Do is still trying to get the bees off himself while grabbing the honey out of the office, throwing honey and clawing at his face. The honey smashes in the middle of the aisle. In an attempt to calm the bees, Snoopy smears his face in a thick coat of honey. It does not work.

King Charles attempts to get the riverboat started as Randy and Slushie go to Snoopy Do’s aid. They spray Snoopy Do with the fire extinguishers, covering him in foam and getting rid of the bees. They return to the riverboat for their getaway. King Charles heads the boat east, towards the ocean to freedom. The watch the sun rise over the water as they eat honey.

A few days later, King Charles takes a taxi to get his car from the parking lot of Yolk Harbour.

Slushie, having gotten really “good” at using the internet, starts a blog which is “mostly incomprehensible” but shows the tarp being used for decoration in her enclosure. The Zoo loves it and uses her, “the blogging bear, as a marketing campaign to boost attendance.

Snoopy Do doesn’t return to the zoo, instead he goes to the marshes to become a beekeeper, as he left Yolk Harbour with a queen bee trapped in the foam on his fur.

Each of the bears still visits the Bluff City Zoo bar, where Randy is now a doorman, as he was promised.

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