Live at the Table: Fall of Magic Pt. 3

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This episode was originally released as a Patreon Exclusive Live at the Table but was re-released on to the main feed in September of 2018.

Episode description[edit | edit source]

Hey everyone, Austin here! Now that this trilogy of episodes is over, I can say it's probably one of my favorite things we've done both in the Live at the Table format and in the entirety of our show's history! I looooove the tone we found, and every single turn I was blown away by the creativity of Dre, Janine, and Jack, who I feel so lucky to work with. As magic leaves the world, the last Magus heads eastward, searching for its source. Today, her journey ends. What will that mean for the talking vinegar fox Fawn (Janine Hawkins), young farm hand Piccolo (Andrew Lee Swan), former crab singer Caspian (Austin Walker), and the living golem Harp (Jack de Quidt)?

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