Aliens in the Outfield Pt. 1

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

Join Keith, [Sylvi], Art, and Austin for March's Live at the Table game of Primetime Adventures: Aliens in the Outfield. [Sylvi] plays an alien documentarian dedicated to damage control and patriotism. Keith plays Keith Carberry... and that's not a jab at him, it's just honestly the absolute truth. And Art plays a character that proves, yet again, that he can pull off "bad dad" better than anyone else.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Lou-Ellen Llewellyn uses a shotgun mic to film Jak, Frankie, and Keith as they speak to Ross Rossy and “Bossman” Burke Bridges on WBRK about their rivalry with the Bloomington Blooms. They get lots of calls from fans about whether they can really concentrate on the game while they also have to film their reality show.

Keith gets Ross and Burke on his side, and they defend him to the callers, although they do not extend this defense to Jak or Frankie. Frankie storms out (“Forget this and forget all of you”). Lou-Ellen rushes in to cover for Frankie, giving a ratings boost to both the baseball reality show and the documentary the aliens are broadcasting back to their home planet.

Protestors arrive as the Blackjacks are practising, upsetting Paulie Patio, the team’s owner. Paulie talks to Frankie about the incident at the radio station and their next game against the Blooms, and says that if they do not win this game he will find a new coach for the team. Frankie says he will do whatever it takes.

Keith practices in private to try and get good enough to meet the new fan expectations on him, hitting balls against the side of the motel as Frankie coaches him. Chez, awoken by the noise, comes out to tell them to stop hitting balls against the wall (“I painted these walls fifteen years ago.”). Keith tries to smooth things over, but Chez says that he will need to take their security deposit to cover the damages. Keith counters saying that they will make a bet for the security deposit money but Chez refuses to take it, saying he would win too easily.

As a way of doing damage control for Frankie’s statements on the radio, Lou-Ellen gives a pep talk to the team (and Sal, Frankie’s son, who Keith has smuggled on board) during their drive to Bloomington, giving them little American flags to hold as a new “team uniform”, although Sal says that flags are against the uniform policy. Keith says this is perfect, as they will get good press from being forced to remove the flags. The rest of the team throws the flags back at Lou-Ellen (“Forget it man, I don’t want to be fined.”).

The team arrives at the Bloomington motel[1], and then the aliens go to the Bloomington junkyard to film a segment for their reality show. BJ, the attendant at the reception desk of the junkyard, greets Keith enthusiastically and the others slightly less so. BJ explains how the junk is sorted (colour coded - red, blue, orange, crimson, violet - which has to do with the year it’s from and the quality of the item), and then lets them through into the junkyard.

Keith begins in the blue section, enthusiastically searching through the junk (he doesn’t find anything of value but remains in good spirits). Jak lifts a huge roadside statue of Charlie Tuna to look with things underneath that might be of interest, tiring himself out. Lou-Ellen looks through some of the smaller items to find something that looks like the Bloom’s mascot, taking off their mascot costume and flying over the junk to get a better look. Unfortunately, they are spotted by the other team’s mascot/one of the aliens in the group that has been sent to get proof that the Earth should be destroyed.

Meanwhile, Frankie and Sal look over scouting reports for the other team and discuss  strategy. Although their conversation is tense, Sal and Frankie do connect on finding weaknesses of the other team.

Before the game the next day, the aliens see the mascot go out on the field even though Lou-Ellen is still in the locker room. The fake mascot riles up the crowd, giving them the finger and trying to rip the American flag in half. Lou-Ellen rushes out and tackles the fake mascot, backed up by Jak and a Black Skinhead by Kanye/Personal Jesus by Devo mashup plays. They get the mascot head off the fake mascot, revealing the bloom mascot underneath. Jak pushes the Bloom mascot to the ground and Lou-Ellen picks up the flag, running around the field with the flag in celebration to the cheers of the crowd.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Visually, this is the same set as the motel set in Bluff City.