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Austin Walker is the GM and host of Friends at the Table. He is a former editor at Giant Bomb, the former editor-in-chief at Waypoint, and currently the IP Director at Possibility Space. He features on the Star Wars podcast A More Civilized Age alongside Ali Acampora.

Characters[edit | edit source]

The vast majority of Austin's characters, particularly in the main seasons, are NPCs played in his role as the primary GM of Friends at the Table. Characters named below include only those he played in games where he was not acting in this capacity.

Main Seasons[edit | edit source]

Season Characters
Seasons of Hieron County Sans-Soleil, Claret Holiday (WIH Holiday Special)
COUNTER/Weight Faction game participant
Ibex (Kingdom Arc)
Marielda Quiet Year participant
PARTIZAN Gur Sevraq, Mourningbride (Millennium Break Arc)
PALISADE Faction game participant

Patreon Games[edit | edit source]

Season Game Characters
Bluff City A Bowling Alley, a Boxer, and a Bird Sonny Veranda
Hard Luck Nash Nebraska
America's Playground Eloise Salt
Give Way to Open Sky The Augur, Providence
Live at the Table Downfall Judge Hyssop Whist Hops
The Skeletons Vellum Plume
Fall of Magic Caspian
Dream Askew The Augur, Providence
BFF! Rosa
Road to PARTIZAN Dialect

Timea Asche

Ech0 Keaton Jerf
dusk to midnight Lunar Leson
For the Queen Modus Maria
Sports are Just Numerology Trio Trifecta
Live at the Table Stewpot Roan
Bell Songs Katya
Spoken Magic Estecar
Good Society Diego Flint
Quest Roan
You Can Check Out Any Time You Like... Gabriella "Gabby" DeDomenico
Road to PALISADE Stealing the Throne Kinoki
Wagon Wheel ⸢Wine⸣
Lancer Narmine Te'ketch
Orbital Teleos Triton Tanager
Serious Reading Continental Countinghouse
My Way Smolderin' Sara McKenzie
City Planning Department Kojack Variety