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Slushie is a polar bear and new addition to the Bluff City Zoo. The previous polar bear, Snow Cone, was traded to the Trenton Zoo, and Slushie is sometimes confused for him.

She was raised in captivity and originally named Sorbet, but was given the name of Slushie by Dax and Darren upon her arrival to the Bluff City Zoo.

Glasses, thinking her to be the master thief Snow Cone, recruits her to the HoneyCon heist. Despite having never run a heist before, Slushie goes along with this.

During the heist, she wears sunglasses on the top of her head to go along with her fez.

After the successful heist, Slushie, having gotten really “good” at using the internet, starts a blog which is “mostly incomprehensible” but shows the tarp being used for decoration in her enclosure. The Zoo loves it and uses her, “the blogging bear, as a marketing campaign to boost attendance.