Devin Zeller

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Devin Zeller is a 15-year-old recently elected member of the Bluff City parks department and employee of the Bluff City Zoo 2. She entered the council election as a joke but as she ran unopposed she was automatically elected.

The Zellers were previously a prominent family (“it was a family that was something once”), with Devin's grandfather, D.E. Hitchcock, being a significant sponsor of the Bluff City Zoo. They were apparently close, as her mother expects her to be able to correctly interpret a letter he wrote foretelling the future.

Her mother is a member of the zoo management board and thinks of the zoo as “a little bit of free childcare”. As she still sees Devin as a child, she drops Devin off at the zoo each day and leave Devin to her own devices.

After the incident at the Zoo 2 party, his mother decided to homeschool her. This caused Devin to lose contact with many of her friends. Her mother tried to moderate this loss, putting Devin a homeschool group for events and social outings. However, Devin disliked the other homeschooled teenagers. After completing her homeschool education, Devin got an out-of-town internship at another zoo, and then transitioned into working for an out-of-town zoo in a similar managerial role to her mother. This was characterized as a fate worse than death.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Janine chose the surname 'Zeller' for this character as a reference to a defunct Canadian department store.
  • She has a chinchilla named Popcorner which she got from Dax Leopard.