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Robyn is a member of a queer enclave in post-apocalyptic Bluffington Beach, where they operate from their own workshop. They help maintain and take care of a void kid named Quincy.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

They wear overalls and are described as having appeasing eyes, clean hands, and fucked up hair. In "Dream Askew", Dre described their hair as being very different hair from day to day, and in "Give Way to Open Sky", Robyn is described as constantly getting things from the workshop stuck in their hair and cutting it off. "Oil slick hair" with literal motor oil is suggested. They are 5'8" tall.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Able to find value in whatever they're looking at, Robyn is better at rough work (e.g., welding) than fine detail work (e.g., adding a robotic finger). They have been known to use anything and everything in their work, including their own hair.

History and Involvement[edit | edit source]

Robyn accompanies Already, Samantha, Quincy, and The Augur, Providence on their excursion to destroy Already's phone. In the course of that journey, the group discovers a door, through which Quincy may have a chance to reunite with their mother. Quincy misses their mom but is unwilling to go alone, so Robyn goes through the door with them.

It remains unknown whether the door led Robyn and Quincy to Bluff City, Blough City, or somewhere other place, and whether they were able to make it back through the door to Bluffington Beach.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Already[edit | edit source]

Robyn resents Already's arrival in the enclave; they are self-conscious about not knowing how to repair Already's grocery truck, and worries it will affect their reputation. Despite this, they hide Already's location from Vincent Ketchle, a Potato retrieval expert sent to find Already, and knock Ketchle out.

Quincy[edit | edit source]

Quincy is one of the void kids that Robyn aids with body maintenance in order to keep them alive. Although Robyn would prefer they come to him when they can tell their body is at 30% tracking loss, they normally wait until they are 70% tracking loss, making the process of maintaining them very urgent and more difficult.

When Quincy opened a door that they believed could lead to their home, Robyn agreed to go with them.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Things break. Supplies run out. Bodies get wounded. The Stitcher is there - fixing, mending, making, re-purposing. They have a workshop and an uncanny intuition.

The Stitcher is a resourceful individual. Their power is technical, material, and reactive.

Dream Askew play kit

Lure[edit | edit source]

Whenever someone comes to you with something precious that needs fixing, they gain a token.

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