Bluffington Beach

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Bluffington Beach is a location within the Patreon-Exclusive Bluff City campaign. It is an entirely non-magical world, which is being disturbed by the introduction of new matter from Bluff and Blough City via the Tunnel Project. It is located near Atlantic City.

When seen in To Be Young Near the Shore, Bluffington Beach is described as "desolate", with many empty or near-empty apartment buildings and unfinished construction.

When seen in Engines on the Track, it is described as being on the decline, with the city putting money into the casinos in an attempt to boost tourism and bring in visitors from the more affluent Bluff City. Much of the city is clouded in smog, with only the more affluent living above the fog line. There is a large racing track suspended around the city, which wealthy visitors watch from the stands and those below the fogline watch from tvs in bars or through store windows. There are no trees, or very few, with the marshlands overtaken by whorehouses, factories, or simply killed off by the smog.

Bluffington Beach Locations[edit | edit source]

Shunt Points[edit | edit source]

  • A 45 minute drive through the waterway shunt point from Blough City.